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Painted Lace by K.M.Neuhold

Austin never realized he was painting his life with shades of gray, until Keaton came along and injected a rainbow of color.

Keaton is a tornado of chaos and paint, which turns out to be more exciting than I ever would’ve imagined. I love my organized, predictable life…or at least I thought I did. But what started as a casual hookup is slowly becoming so much more, and I find myself loving the beautiful mess more than I expected.

Can two people so different really make it work once feelings get involved?

**** This is a standalone story and was originally published as Kiss and Run in the Valentine’s Inc series. It has since undergone significant changes and doubled in length.

I enjoyed Austin and Keaton’s story. Keaton lives his life as it comes never having a day like any other and Austin is the total opposite yet somehow the two find common ground. It is great to see the men come together. Austin may think he is boring, but he just needs the right man to come along and bring him out of his comfort zone. Keaton is more than happy to do that and soon the men are finding out that they have more than just a sexual connection. Each man must decide if they are willing to let their lives be turned into what they think they do not want. I loved seeing that there was so much more to Austin underneath his prim and proper exterior and that Keaton is not just a wanderer with no destination. Austin and Keaton are a great match, and it was nice to see their relationship take shape. Their story moves along at a good pace and pulls you in right from the start. Theirs is a beautiful story of finding love in the last place you expect. The author brings does a good job of bringing out the emotions that the two men are feeling and keeps you engaged all the way to the end.

Number of stars out of 5: 4 stars

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