Restitution: A Love Story by Aubrey Cullens


Nate Parker has spent the last few years imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. His wrongful conviction cost him his job, his fiancée, his reputation, and his hope for the future. His name has been cleared, but after everything he’s lost, he doesn’t know how to find his way back to the life that was taken from him.

Parker Campbell is raising his 9-year-old niece, Emma, on his own. Working for a homophobic boss in a gay-unfriendly town, he treads carefully, knowing that his job security has to be his priority when he’s all Emma has.

Parker has never considered starting a relationship with another employee… until he hires Nate. It should have been easy to avoid getting involved, since Nate keeps insisting that he’s not gay. Parker is used to life not being easy, though, and Nate may find that what he really needs isn’t at all what he thought he was looking for.

(Restitution is a standalone m/m contemporary gay romance of approximately 60,000 words containing profanity, mature adult content, two men who deserve love, and a happily ever after ending.)


So I found this on Kindle Unlimited (I’m a big fan!) and I’d read one other of Aubrey Cullens books before (I liked it, didn’t love it) but I really liked the blurb and hey… Free! So I tried it. To me, that’s the beauty of KU – you get to try books you might shy away from because of the cost so…I just want to say that free or not – you should TOTALLY READ THIS BOOK!

Nate was arrested and imprisioned for a crime he didn’t comit (no spoilers but Damn – it’s a sad one!). He finally gets exonerated but is finding it hard to get his life back with a prison record, no matter that he has a paper saying he didn’t commit the crime. He finally gives in a moves in with his brother in Arkansas, hoping the change in scenery will help.

As compared to Seattle, Nate is finding Arkansas to be very restrictive and judgmental but… he loves his brother and his wife and he manages to find a great job with Parker at a Lumberyard.

Parker is 26 and raising his 9 year old niece because his sister can’t (another spoiler alert – that’s also sad!). He decides to hire Nate because of his prison record and he isn’t disappointed.

Now Nate claims over and over he’s not gay and he means it, but he’s seriously attracted to Parker and vice versa.

Over the course of weeks and months they become friends and when things look like they’re beginning to change, that’s when things get very interesting.

Eventually, both Nate and Parker have decide just what’s important to them and learn to trust again.


I loved this story. It grabbed me from the start. Nate is a great character, so easy to love – he’s open, honest, simple and affectionate. Parker has been burned, so he’s a little more closed off, but he’s got this amazing niece and between the two of them they charm the socks off ya!

Though there’s sexual tension and the smexy times are hot – that’s not what makes this book so good. It’s the FEELS. There’s so much real emotion and it feels so organic and authentic. I can see this unfolding in real life, though maybe with a few more pot holes in the road but still… it feels very plausible.

It was great that the author took pains to show that though there are assholes in the South and it can be restrictive, there are some great souls there, as well.

Emma absolutely won me over – what a kid! I loved her and the energy she brought to the story.

I highly recommend this book – hell it’s free on KU! But even if you buy it – you won’t regret it!

5 of 5 stars


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The Right Kind of Woman Tour


rkow - c-3Blurb:

Just when free-spirited farm girl, Cara Spencer Holloway, feels the regulatory world of her closeted, Southern enclave will swallow her whole, her three miscreant brothers team up to carelessly throw her together with regimented, Northern software designer, Dre Martin, on a misguided stop en route to Florida. One steamy stop leads to another and soon the two women will learn more about what the right kind of partner can bring to life than they had ever suspected, but can Cara Spencer move forward and out of the pain of her past, or will she succumb to the doubts that have plagued her romantic life from its very inception?

Pages or Words: 79,450

Categories: Erotica, Fiction, Humor, Lesbian Romance, Romance

In the mirror over the pedestal sink, she saw Cara Spencer, hands on her hourglass hips, skimming the half-inch of exposed flesh just below her navel. The scent of lavender and yellow jasmine hung in the air around her and her stare was intense, however intense did little to describe the feeling of being nailed with her almond, obsidian black eyes. Severe? Critical? Daring?
Her deep and even breaths stole the air from the room and Dre put her hands to her own throat, heart racing.
What was it with this woman? It was like she’d never really been attracted to anyone before, never fully had any appreciation or desire for a woman’s body until the moment she laid eyes on the dominant female standing in the lone stall doorway with a paper towel in her hands.
“Hello?” Cara Spencer tittered. “You can’t possibly be that blind.”
“Blind?” Was something on her face? Shit, was she blushing? Shit, shit, shit…
“They’re all smitten with you, honey. All of the Holloway boys…Like you’re the last steak on the savanna.”
Gross. Dre didn’t want to be anyone’s steak, least of all the steak any man wanted to sink his teeth into. The one male experience she’d had, back at Northwestern, had been far less than satisfying, not that it was any of his fault. Greg was his name, Greg Fillman. The only guy dumb enough to think the girl who shaved her head and dressed in men’s pants would ever want to be his girlfriend. Nope. It had been the one time in her life that Andrea had convinced herself to try a penis and see if the sensation was one she could live with… Hadn’t gone well. Had gone laughably unwell. Had necessitated ringing up Tris in the middle of the night, after she’d driven Greg home.
“Your brothers aren’t really my… Type.” She slurred.
Cara Spencer winked. “Ya don’t say…” Her hips swayed past and she put her hand on the door. “And what is your type?”
“You are.” FUCK why had she said that? Why had Dre said something so stupid?
Fuck this was embarrassing.
Dre had never so much as approached a woman like this for a quarter at a pay phone (were pay phones even a thing anymore?) and here she was, doused with liquid courage (how many beers had she had now?), and flinging about pick-up lines in a public fucking bathroom. What the fuck?!
Thankfully, and by the grace of God, Cara Spencer laughed, and not in a mocking way. Not at her, but with her. Like it was a good attempt, not a corny attempt. Like it was a real pick-up line. Like she was really, in fact, picking her up and it wasn’t wholly unsuccessful.









Buy the book:!voss-porter/c1a01

Meet the author:
Writing under the pseudonym of Voss Porter, I am married to an amazing woman, I am mother to two human children who keep me on my toes, and four canine progeny. I am a proud lesbian in an LGBTQ community that is yet undiscovered, and I have been a writer from the age of six. I am a passionate storyteller, a little bit of a nerd, and a complete badass.

Where to find the author:
Facebook Author Page:
Twitter: @vossporter

Goodreads Link:
Publisher: Dark Hollows Press
Cover Artist: Eden Connors



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Paris A to Z (Coda #5) by Marie Sexton

Dreamspinner Presents



Sequel to The Letter ZZach Mitchell and his lover Angelo Green are headed to Paris (along with their Coda friends Matt and Jared) to attend Jon and Cole’s wedding. Matt will have to face Jared’s former lover, and Angelo will have to spend an entire week with Zach’s ex-boyfriend. Between Matt’s jealousy and Angelo’s temper, Zach thinks they’ll be lucky to get through the week without one of the grooms being punched. But Zach soon realizes he should worry less about Angelo and more about himself. Facing the bittersweet memories of his past and his own guilt over breaking Jon’s heart is harder than expected, but Zach will have to find a way to leave his past behind if he’s to have any hope of the future he wants with Angelo.



This is the 5th in the series and you definitely need to have been following along for this to mean anything to you.

In a way, this is a giant little epilogue and pre-epilogue.

Matt and Jared are pretty frickin’ settled. But there is always this “thing” between them surrounding Cole and his past with Jared. This settles that once and for all. And I gotta tell ya – Matt and Jared are really HOT in this. When Matt starts to feel comfortable and gets all handsy…. Mmmm. But – it’s also very sweet, too. He really starts to believe in their relationship and it’s nice.

Zach and Angelo also get their moment. Zach has so much unresolved pain surrounding his relationship with Jonathan and it finally gets put to rest here. Not only that, but I think Angelo finally figures out just how important he is to Zach. (The very end is so sweet!!!) I loved how the book opens, with Zach and Angelo picking up a guy at a bar. It does so much to explain how their relationship works. I know this bothers some readers, but for me it’s just another example of how wonderful Marie’s writing is. She gives us the explanation for why it works for THEM – it’s not supposed to be about anyone else. I loved that.

Jon and Cole are pretty solid and their time comes in the next book, but they’re sweet together here too.

I thought this was another great addition to the series and I highly recommend it.

5 of 5 stars


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Against All Odds (Odds Are Book 2) by Chris T Kat (Review)

release day review


Dreamspinner Presents


And then they lived happily ever after…

Sometimes Joshua Stone thinks he’s died and gone to heaven. How else can he explain Michael’s love for him? And now they’re living together… in a real relationship. This is the stuff of fairy tales, a love like other people take for granted.

Sure, they have their moments, what couple doesn’t? But a small doubt lingers in Joshua’s heart. Can this really be true? Can a gorgeous man like Michael really love someone like Joshua—the guy with cerebral palsy, who’s helpless without his walker or his tricycle to get him around?

Michael senses Joshua’s worries, but there’s nothing he can do to dispel them because that would mean revealing his secret—and he’s not ready for that. Their mutual secrets hang between them like time bombs waiting to explode. They might not survive the inevitable blast.


I was really glad to see this sequel. I felt that book one left so much undone. (My review of book one here :

In book 2, the lovers are getting through the meat and potatoes of making a relationship work.

They still have a lot to work through. Michael is still worried about his lack of reading skills. Joshua is still worried that Michael is either pitying him or will dump him when things get rough. Add in some drama with Josh’s mom and Michael’s work and you have quite a story!

I enjoyed watching these guys work through their relationship with honesty and openness and only a little bit of lack of communication issues.

I don’t know much about the disease, Cerebral Palsy, but what I can see here, the author treated it realistically and with respect.

If you’re a fan of DA books, sequels with the same couple and sweet jock/nerd type romances, this is for you. But you will need to read book one first!

4.5 of 5 stars



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Against All Odds by Chris T Kat Tour!



And then they lived happily ever after…

Sometimes Joshua Stone thinks he’s died and gone to heaven. How else can he explain Michael’s love for him? And now they’re living together… in a real relationship. This is the stuff of fairy tales, a love like other people take for granted.

Sure, they have their moments, what couple doesn’t? But a small doubt lingers in Joshua’s heart. Can this really be true? Can a gorgeous man like Michael really love someone like Joshua—the guy with cerebral palsy, who’s helpless without his walker or his tricycle to get him around?

Michael senses Joshua’s worries, but there’s nothing he can do to dispel them because that would mean revealing his secret—and he’s not ready for that. Their mutual secrets hang between them like time bombs waiting to explode. They might not survive the inevitable blast.

 Pages or Words: 125 pages

Categories: Contemporary, M/M Romance, Romance


From Chapter One:

“I’m awake! I’m awake, really!” Joshua panted.

“Really? I don’t want to take advantage of you, you know.”

“Michael! Excuse me for being tired. I keep going to bed later than I should because someone… namely you”—Joshua poked a finger into Michael’s chest—“works overtime all freaking week, and when said someone comes home, he still expects me to spend time with him.”

A guilty feeling settled in the pit of Michael’s gut. He inspected Joshua’s face more thoroughly, difficult as it was with only a small sliver of moonlight illuminating their bedroom, and noticed blue smudges under his eyes that hadn’t been there weeks ago. Furrowing his brows, Michael slid his gaze over Joshua’s face. Joshua had always been slim—too slim in Michael’s opinion, but that was a sore topic with Joshua—but now his cheeks were hollowed, accentuating his sharp cheekbones even more.

“Michael, do not freak out on me now, okay? It’s all fine.”

“You can go to bed if you’re tired; you don’t need to wait for me.” Michael tried not to wince when he mentally added, especially not on Tuesdays and Thursdays because on those days, I’ll always be late.

“Then we’d most likely only see each other on the weekends.” Joshua pressed a kiss to Michael’s lips, licking along the seam and demanding entrance. Joshua’s boldness had only developed recently, but wow, what a total turn-on it was for Michael.

Michael opened his mouth for Joshua’s exploration, quashing the urge to apologize to Joshua—again. It wasn’t his fault he currently had to drive up to Philadelphia each day for work, and he certainly couldn’t afford to say no to this job.

He’d finally managed to score a real job with some benefits. A couple more months and they could look for a new car… one Joshua could climb into on his own.

Joshua unlocked their lips, sighing. “I… I don’t think I can… I mean….”

Michael tilted his head, still reeling from the intense sensations Joshua’s tongue had evoked. Joshua’s left hand flopped next to his side and his right hand moved restlessly. Smiling, he said, “Bad muscle control?”

Joshua seemed to force his gaze up before he nodded. Michael captured his lips in a searing kiss. “Can I ride you?”


Buy the book:

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 Meet the author:

Chris T. Kat lives in the middle of Europe, where she shares a house with her husband of many years and their two children. She stumbled upon the M/M genre by luck and was swiftly drawn into it. She divides her time between work, her family—which includes chasing after escaping horses and lugging around huge instruments such as a harp—and writing. She enjoys a variety of genres, such as mystery/suspense, paranormal, and romance. If there’s any spare time, she happily reads for hours, listens to audiobooks or does cross stitch.

Where to find the author:




Amazon Author Page:

Goodreads Link:

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Valerie Tibbs

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Putting Out Fires (Coda 4.5) by Marie Sexton

Dreamspinner Presents


A Coda Valentine’s Day Story

Matt Richards has never given much thought to Valentine’s Day, but when his lover of almost three years, Jared Thomas, hints that he feels unappreciated, Matt realizes he needs to do something. He’s determined to make this Valentine’s Day special, but nothing is going to turn out the way Matt plans.




Very cute little story about Jared and Matt’s first Valentine’s Day together. Matt needs to remember who Jared is … NOT a chick!

5 of 5 stars


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Lane Hayes Cover Reveal for A Kind of Truth



Rand O’Malley dreams of superstardom. He hopes to one day sing the blues like a rock god. Moving to New York City and hiring a new manager are steps to make his dreams a reality. But nothing moves as fast as Rand would like, and everyone has opinions, which include he keep certain pieces of himself quiet if he plans on making it in the Big Apple. Like his bisexuality.

Will Sanders is a gifted musician who dazzles Rand with his ability to coax gorgeous notes from an electric guitar one moment and play the piano like a professional the next. He’s a geek, but Rand isn’t concerned about Will’s pressed exterior clashing with his tattoos. His focus is music.  Yet there’s something about Will that makes Rand think there’s much more to the quiet college student than he lets on. As Rand’s dreams begin to materialize, he’s forced to reconsider his priorities and find his own kind of truth. One that might include Will.

Banner300x250Pages or Words: 82,000 words

 Categories: Bisexual, Contemporary, Erotica, Gay Fiction, Humor, M/M Romance, Romance..





Excerpt for A Kind of Truth by Lane Hayes

Watching Will’s face turn pink then red was extraordinarily entertaining. I nudged his elbow playfully and tried to gain control of my smile before it threatened to take over my entire face. When I couldn’t take the building pressure of emotion, I winked at the girls then leaned in and kissed his lips, loving that I took him by surprise. The elevator doors slid open a moment later. Will stepped into the empty corridor and gave me a wide-eyed incredulous stare.

“I cannot believe you just did that.”

“What? Kissed you on an elevator? It’s not like farting, ya know.”

Will huffed a sigh that clearly said he thought I was hopeless before turning to walk down the hall. “I was talking about the underwear comment but yeah, the kissing part was awkward too. No one wants to watch two people going at in a confined space. And besides, we’re supposed to be playing this strictly straight while we’re in public.”

He stopped to unlock the door to the classroom then pushed it open, pausing to give me a perturbed look before he moved inside ahead of me. I barked a quick laugh as I set my guitar on the back table and shrugged my jacket off.

“First of all, that was hardly going at it. It was a peck. You were the one advertising I left my clothes at your place in front of a couple cute girls. And who said anything about playing straight?”

“Were we not in the same room two mornings ago talking about this?”

“We were. In fact, we were naked in your bed. Decidedly un-straight. But the way I remember it, I was one who was holding back the gay while you were the one going for it. But let’s go back to the elevator. I think you purposefully blew my cover back there with those girls. Were you jealous?”

He snorted and rolled his eyes. “You’re unbelievable.”


“It wasn’t a compliment,” he quipped as he made his way to the piano.

“Well, the next time you announce you’re holding my underwear hostage in a crowd, all bets are off, baby.” I gave him a lascivious once-over and waggled my eyebrows before tightening the strap on my guitar.

Will chuckled. “I’ll keep that in mind. But I’m pretty sure your tighty-whities never came up. My comment was perfectly innocent. There’s a big difference between hats and underwear.”

“I’m on to you, Will. You wanted those girls to know something’s going on between us. They’re probably talking right now. Bet they’re wondering if we’re in here having sex. Hell, they could be outside that door listening. Maybe we should give ‘em something to talk about.” I made a show of unbuckling my belt and the top button on my 501s. “Is there a camera in this room?”

“Keep your pants on. I’ve got two months left till graduation and I’d prefer not to get kicked out of school, please,” Will said primly, smacking my hand away.

“You won’t get kicked out. I doubt we’d be the first anyway.”

I rezipped my jeans and started to back up, but at the last second, I reached out to cup his chin between my thumb and forefinger. I traced his jaw and let my thumb roam higher to caress his cheekbone just under his glasses. His eyes fluttered shut. I loved the contrast of his fair skin and darker lashes and eyebrows. He was so damn pretty. And those lips. They were sensuous. That was the word. I leaned in and brushed my nose against his. I could feel his breath on my lips. The urge to plunge my tongue inside and take what I was very sure we both wanted was strong, but I waited for his permission.

When he didn’t respond, I let my hand fall to my side and started to pull back. Maybe he really was serious about propriety in the classroom. I wasn’t used to curbing my impulses to suit someone’s else’s sensibilities. I’d spent twenty-five years doing only what I wanted. Screw anyone else. Now here I was, attempting to hide my gay side publicly while trying to follow Will’s lead in private. It felt strange, I thought, just as Will launched himself at me.

I grunted in surprise when he wrapped his arms around my neck and crashed his mouth over mine. He softened the connection and tilted his head as he raked his fingers through my hair. I responded but let him control the tempo. Until he tentatively licked my lips. Fuck, he tasted sweeter than I remembered. Like peppermint candy or hot chocolate. I pulled him flush against my chest and slid my tongue alongside his, twisting and colliding in a passionate fusion. When he gasped for air I pulled back only to have him grind his hips into mine and lick my jaw. He swayed into me with a moan and lost his footing.

“Steady there.”

Will was sexier than he knew, which spelled potential danger for me. It was better to let the music take over for now.


Buy the Book:



Meet the author:

Lane Hayes is grateful to finally be doing what she loves best. Writing full-time! It’s no secret Lane loves a good romance novel. An avid reader from an early age, she has always been drawn to well-told love story with beautifully written characters. These days she prefers the leading roles to both be men. Lane discovered the M/M genre a few years ago and was instantly hooked. Her debut novel was a 2013 Rainbow Award finalist and subsequent books have received Honorable Mentions in the 2014 and 2015 Rainbow Awards. She loves red wine, chocolate and travel (in no particular order). Lane lives in Southern California with her amazing husband and the coolest yellow Lab ever in an almost empty nest.


Where to find the author:


Facebook:  Lane Hayes

Facebook Author Page:

Twitter:  @LaneHayes3


Goodreads Link:

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Aaron Anderson

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Ta Da!  Isn’t it gorgeous?!


Nexus (Warders Book 5) Audiobook by Mary Calmes Narrated by Paul Morey

Dreamspinner Presents


Marcus Roth is a top criminal lawyer by day and demon-slaying warder by night, but he is simply one of five warders—not really important to anyone but Joseph Locke, his hearth. Or so Marcus mistakenly believes.

On a trip to Lexington, Kentucky, to celebrate Joe’s grandfather’s birthday, that belief changes as Marcus unwittingly uncovers a paranormal dilemma and ends up revealing his identity as a warder to Joe’s family. Faced with a traitor, demons, and the return of an old enemy, Marcus must put his own needs aside to save his friends—though in so doing he may lose the man he loves forever. Even living through the ordeal might not be enough if Marcus can’t forgive himself and learn that his hearth and the rest of his clutch can’t do without him.


(I believe you could read each book as a stand alone, but reading the entire series in order makes each book resonate more.)

Marcus and Joe are Warder and Hearth and have been together for years before this story takes place. In fact they were the first couple in the series. They are in Kentucky to see Joe’s Grandfather’s Birthday. While there, they learn that Joe’s dad is being shaken down for money by a demon of all things.

Marcus goes to save the day and nearly loses his life.   In his head, he’s not worthy of Joe so he hides from him, breaking Joe’s heart. After months of recovery he makes his way back to Joe, but he fears Joe may no longer want him, since he put himself at risk rather than save himself for Joe.

In the end, after much drama, the pair is stronger than ever and the entire “Clutch” of Warders is even stronger than before.

In this book the drama is extra scary, but also really funny. All the Warders have to go clubbing (essentially) to gain admittance to the demon they are hunting and that scene was hilarious.

Joe is snarky and sweetly needy, a fantastic juxtaposition for Marcus’ steadfast devotion and leadership. The rest of the Warders look up to Marcus and their devotion to him is touching.

There is a fair amount of awesomely hot sex – Mary Calmes writes some of the hottest sex scenes around- but the love the two share is what makes this story stand out. Joe and Marcus already love one another, though the relationship is tested, we get to see them function as an already involved couple more often than not.

I highly recommend this book and the series, and give it a 4.5 of 5 stars.



Thank God Paul Morey narrates this and the last book in this series! The other narrator just didn’t work for me. I love Paul and really loved his narration!

I thought it was funny that Joe (the smaller man) had the deeper voice of the two, but other than that I enjoyed his variations on the different.

4.5 of 5 stars


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(This is my favorite cover in the series too! Yay Reese Dante!)

Copy Purchased for Review

Let the Wrong Light In by Avon Gale

Dreamspinner Presents


Avery Hextall, a junior architect at a prestigious firm, is thrilled when his design is chosen for a new performing-arts center—even if it means working closely with his insufferably uptight project manager, Malin Lacroix. When a chance encounter in the boss’s office proves that Lacroix is anything but cold, Avery is determined to learn more about the real man beneath the aloof veneer.

Despite their growing attraction and their increasingly kinky encounters, the enigmatic Malin remains as emotionally distant as ever. Worse, Avery’s friends are convinced Malin thinks of Avery as a dirty secret and nothing more—a secret that might destroy both of their careers.

But the real secret is a single moment in time that haunts Malin and keeps him from committing to the life he wants with Avery. In order to move on, Avery must help Malin come to terms with the tragedy in his past before they can work on building a future together.


Avery is a young, hyper, strange and funny architect who has recently graduated and is working under the very proper and uptight Malin. Avery is convinced Malin has something against him personally when none of his “obviously” wonderful designs are chosen. So… he goes in to give the boss a piece of his mind. What ends up happening is … well… he starts to fall for the boss. Even though he hates him. Sort of.

Malin is a recently divorced man who sort of hates the world and himself in it. He has a tragic past that clouds his future and no good way to deal with it. When the crazy bastard Avery barges his way into his life he doesn’t know what the fuck to make of it. But… he finds himself entranced. Avery brightens his world. Avery makes him crazy but he also kind of likes him. Sort of.

Avery has a thing for pain and Malin has a thing for giving pain. So that works.

They both like architecture and design and are very socially awkward. So that works.

But Malin’s never been gay. But Avery is bi so… that works?

In the end Malin and Avery will have to traverse a lot of ground. Some of it very rocky and emotional. But both are so good for the other, except when they’re not… in the end we get a very HEA.


My first thought as I was reading this was “This is her first book?????”  This is WAY TOO GOOD to be her first book! Now… I don’t know if she’s hiding others somewhere else, or maybe she wrote het romance or something, but these books of hers (this and Breakaway) are absolutely amazing! They are witty and well thought out and the timing is excellent. Her characters are so flawed and yet sparkling and crisp.

I’m not into the sex stuff they were … I don’t get it… but I didn’t need to. I saw that they were into it and since it worked for them, it worked for me. That’s a sign of a good author. She made the kinky stuff work for me because I saw that it did what it needed to for our MCs and that was enough.

I loved the windows and light analogy and the metaphors with the building designs. Wonderful!

I’m torn because I don’t know if I love Avery or Malin more. My heart bleeds for Malin – he’s so broken and needy. But Avery was such a bratty brat. Well, luckily I don’t have to choose. They’re both wonderful and so is this book. It’s funny and sweet and you’ll be happy you read it.

Buy it.

That is all.

5 of 5 stars


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Nobody’s Son (Sons Book 3) by Shae Connor

Dreamspinner Presents


Who wouldn’t want a nice cup of tall, dark, and gorgeous? Shaun Rogers does. He’s working at the front desk of a clothing-optional gay resort when Conrad “Con” Brooks walks in. The sweet, funny, and smart IT guy is there to install a new network and security system, and sparks fly between the two men from the start. Trouble is, Shaun’s hiding his sexuality from his grandmother, the only family he has left, and that makes him reluctant to take the leap with Con.

Then a man claiming to be Shaun’s absent father shows up out of nowhere, throwing Shaun completely off balance. His life spiraling toward chaos, Shaun soon discovers that his “father” is hiding secrets of his own. When things come to a head between them, it’s Con who comes to Shaun’s rescue—but the incident could force Shaun into a decision he’s not sure he’s ready to make.


This is book three in Shae Connor’s “Son Series”, but it can be read as a stand-alone with no problem.

Shaun is working for Jimmy at his clothing optional resort as the front desk clerk. He loves his job and is slowly owning his sexuality. He commutes from Atlanta because he takes care of his grandmother and doesn’t want to leave her alone.

Con is also a friend of Jimmy’s who is retired from the military and doing work in the IT/Security field. When they meet the two have an instant connection but… Shaun isn’t quite ready to admit he’s gay – especially to his family. And… the two men don’t live in the same town so it takes quite a bit of co-ordination for them to even have time to hang out. And… Shaun’s “father” has shown up mysteriously stirring up an entirely new controversy.

The question is, will Shaun admit his feelings? Is Con ready to settle down? What is the deal with Shaun’s “father”?


I really enjoyed book 2 in this series and I think this is even better! (Previous review:

I liked how little angst there was between Shaun and Con – they just moved slowly, navigating their feelings in what felt like a natural pace. I thought the “father” bit was a little melodramatic, but it did emphasize just how important defining “family” is – not based on blood.

I loved seeing the little bit of Jimmy and his boys – they seem so happy!

I recommend this to fans of Shae and the series and anyone looking for a nice, easy, get-to-know-ya romance.

4 of 5 stars


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Copy Purchased for Review