Audiobook: Fae For All (Cloverleah Pack #6)by Lisa Oliver Narrated by John York




Book 6 The Cloverleah Pack
Can be read as a standalone

Jax Cooper never planned to meet his mates. A strong wolf shifter, who keeps his Fae heritage hidden, all Jax wants to do is keep his pack safe and his secrets tucked away. But when men turn up from another pack, all intent on stealing the two men Jax knows to be his, then Jax’s wolf has a hard time controlling himself.

Aelfric and Fafnir have been together for three hundred years. Not that unusual for two Sidhe Fae princes. Having known since puberty that their third destined mate was a wolf shifter, they are overjoyed when Dean, the sweet Omega from the Cloverleah pack gets in touch with them to let them know some possible mates have been found. Hurrying to the Cloverleah Pack, the two men not only find their mate, but also find out that the Cloverleah pack is in trouble – and it’s coming from all sides.

Trying to keep his head, and his mates, Jax has to rely on his friends from the pack to keep things safe. Between two other packs, vampires, the Shifter Council and the Fae Council all trying to intervene in what should be a simple mating process Jax has to wonder if keeping the two beautiful men, destined to be his, is worth losing his life over.

Warning: This is an m/m/m story – it contains strong language, some violence, and acts of male on male sex. This work of fiction includes a beautiful blond Fae with a tendency to have tantrums, a strong wolf shifter who would never describe himself as a nice person and a dark haired Fae who is desperately trying to hold them all together.


As with the others, though technically this is a “stand alone”, I think it’s really a must read in order kind of series. Each book in the series has the same characters and builds on the same over arching theme with the Cloverleah pack and makes more sense read in order.

Jax, who recently we met as one of the wolves with a crush on Troy, is a half-breed Fae who was exiled after he shifted for the first time. He’s known forever that he’s had two Fae mates somewhere in the world (part of a triad) but he also “knows” they’ll never accept a shifter for a mate because the Fae are so prejudiced against shifters and other paranormals.

Fafnir and Alefric are already mated to one another but “saving themselves” (in terms of penetrative sex) for their third. When they meet Dean, they’re excited to begin their search for their wolf partner in Cloverleah.

It takes a bout of jealousy for Jax to show his cards, but admitting to being their mate is not enough. There is a lot of bad water under that bridge (on both sides) and to make matters worse, there are parties on both sides (fae and shifter) who want to see this triad fail.


You all know how much I love this series, but I have to say, this triad really didn’t work for me.

I love Jax and as his powers changed and grew, I loved him more. He’s a great character with a lot of amazing potential and I really wanted someone to love him as much as he deserves.

When a triad is formed (in any book) with two parts of that triad already in place, the biggest “hurdle” to overcome is making the reader believe the new addition is not only equal but needed in the triad for it to be whole (and improved). Fafnir and Alefric had been together 300 years and while they claim they’ve been “looking” all that time – they never actually sought out any wolves. That felt really suspicious.

In addition to that fact, as the story unfolds, Alefric acts like a complete douche bag for 97% of the story. Seriously. Even by the end, I have to admit, I never liked him, nor did I feel like he was interested in the triad beyond making Fafnir happy.

While I still loved seeing the other couples and enjoyed the new Fae elements that were added to the series. I really, really didn’t love this triad. I wanted – so much! – for Jax to finally find the love he needs, and while it looks like Fafnir , at least, is a good first step at that, I never did forgive Alefric or feel that he groveled enough or even proved himself in the slightest.

So – for the action and story I’d give this a 4.5 of 5 , but for the romance a 2.5 of 5 – rounding to a 3 of 5 overall. I was still glad to (re) read this, but I’m disappointed in the romance.



I liked the character/voices John York chose for these three. They seemed to really match the characters’ personalities. I am either getting more “used” to his narration style or he’s improving over time ☺
In any case, this was a great way to enjoy this story.

4 of 5 stars

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Recent Release: Vying for his Affection (A Loving Nip #19) by Charlie Richards

Extasy Presents


At five-foot-two and skinny to boot, Maximus Bonner has always been a little sensitive about his size. When he’s forced by his job to attend a team-building activity at Rolling Meadows Ranch and Resort, his worst fears are realized—outdoor activities. On top of that, he overhears the hottest cowboy at the place making fun of the little stringbean. His anger getting the best of him, Max lodges a complaint against the sexy man.

As a vampire, Rhyme Mythstone has been waiting for his beloved for over a century. Imagine his surprise when he comes in the form of a tiny slip of a redhead with a fiery temper. With one teasing comment, his chance at wooing the human goes up in flames. Max wants nothing to do with him. Can Rhyme figure out a way to prove that he loves his beloved’s size and can make him happy?


This was pretty predictable and uninspired.

I have to admit to the fact that this series just might be done for me. It makes me sad because I love all the guys but the stories are just repetitive and I don’t feel happy when I’m done.

2.5 of 5 stars

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Audiobook: Dirty Mind By: Roe Horvat Narrated by: Vance Bastian



Alexander Popescu is a university lecturer in a quiet German town. He’s a respectable man in his thirties who stays fit, has a decent career, and travels alone – his only vice is an occasional greasy meal. And beer. And violent computer games. Nobody has to know about the other Alex – the acclaimed porn writer. His ingenious erotic fantasies earn him good money and keep his capricious mind harmlessly entertained.

When his young friend and protégé Christian transfers to Freiburg for medical school, Alex is overjoyed…and terrified that Christian will find out about Alex’s indecent alter ego. The time they spend together, as lovely as it is, could overturn Alex’s carefully balanced life. Suddenly, the writing is not good enough, his hair seems to be thinning, his careful hookups leave him unfulfilled, and his dreams are haunted by the innocent young man he’s vowed to protect.

However, Christian is not a boy anymore. He’s a grown man of 21, clever, and deadly attractive. And he’s hiding some secrets of his own.

Dirty Mind was a delightful audiobook. I loved the slow burn between Alex and Christian. They start out as friends and the relationship continues on through correspondence for a few years until Christian moves to Alex’s town for school. The main issue I had with this one was Alex’s constant negative views about the age difference. Vance Bastian did a great job with the narration. He portrayed Alex perfectly! I strongly recommend this fun, sexy, lighthearted audiobook

4 stars for book and narration

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Audiobook: Getting Close to the Omega (Cloverleah Pack #5) by Lisa Oliver Narrated by John York




Book Five – Cloverleah Pack Series
Can be read as a standalone.

Dean Weir has finally found happiness in his position as Omega wolf of the Cloverleah pack. He has his friends, his work and his art and he has never looked for anything else. Badly abused by his ex-home pack and Alpha, Dean keeps his head down and stays out of trouble. That is, until his mate joins the pack.

Matthew Charmichael is over a hundred years old and has been a lone wolf for longer than he can remember. Joining the Cloverleah pack after he heard they were having trouble with another wolf shifter, Matthew is overjoyed to find his mate is the cute little Omega of the small pack. But Dean’s past, and the constant attacks on the pack from the mysterious Kylan, could mean that Matthew and Dean won’t get their HEA after all. Can Dean overcome his past, and embrace the powers that a claimed Omega is purported to have, or will his ex-pack kill him before he and Matthew have a chance?

Warning: This is a love story between two male wolf shifters. It includes graphic depictions of sex between men as well as some violence and coarse language. Historical abuse themes are referred to, but not described.


Yay! Dean’s story! (Again, I guess you could read these as standalones, but they really read better in order.)

The main story arc with Kylan continues, and his involvement in the Cloverleah pack deepens and centers on Dean, the Omega.

It appears that Dean may be the only Omega left and that once mated he’ll come in to special powers. Luckily, Matthew, an Alpha from another pack wants to move to Cloverleah and they find out they are mates.

What’s really lovely is how wonderfully beautiful it is as Dean finds his own feet in the world and how he gradually grows to trust Matthew. Matthew is perfect for Dean, big but sweet and really patient.

I continually scratch my head at Kane – he always acts like such a dick any time there are new matings!

This was really sweet, with some good action/adventure and a nice addition to the series.


John York continues to do a nice job with this series.
He handles the drama, action, smexy times and vast amount of characters really well.

I don’t love Dean’s choice of voice characterization but it’s not annoying.

4 of 5 stars

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Audiobook: Spell Cat (The Aloysius Tales #1) by Tara Lain Narrated by KC Kelly


Dreamspinner Presents


When Killian Barth, history professor, meets Blaine Genneau, quantum physicist, they ignite their own big bang. But Killian can’t pursue a physics professor—or a human. As the most powerful male witch in ten generations, Killian must bolster his dying race by reproducing—despite the fact that he’s gay.

Even a fling with Blaine is out of the question, because Killian has been told sex with humans drains his power. But if that’s true, why can young human Jimmy Janx dissolve spoons with the power of his mind? If Killian can sort through the lies he’s been fed, he’ll still face his biggest obstacle—convincing rational scientist Blaine to believe in magic.

With his ancient and powerful cat familiar, Aloysius, on his shoulder, Killian brings the lightning against deceit and greed to save Blaine from danger and prove love is the greatest power of them all.

This was not at all what I was expecting. I guess I was expecting a more “wiccan” witch and a more Alpha type? I dunno. What we have is a very powerful – with magic magic – witch – who really needs a spine.

Killian just blindly follows his mother’s dictates about marrying the right witch in order to strengthen his powers until he meets Blaine. Blaine forces him to reconsider his options, but it’s almost really more that the “bride” in this equation is adamant at not marrying Killian than Killian works at not having to follow through.

While I thought there was a lot to this story that brought a smile to my face: Jimmy, Lavendar, Al – the cat and the magic, I wasn’t terribly impressed by the main couple. They had a lot of chemistry and it was exciting when Killian finally found his depth of power, but before that I was kind of annoyed with his lack of questioning and his default “hide my head under the covers when things go bad” state of being.

The story itself was fun – evil family members, newly discovered magic, Matrix references and – again – Al being devious. I thought the dialog between Killian and Blaine got a little too syrupy a little too fast, but that could be forgiven given the over all “fairy tale” feel this story has.

It’s not my favorite Tara Lain story but it was still good. I’m compelled enough to be excited to read the other books in the series – the third looks really good – Al’s the main character! (Probably one of my favorite Tara Lain stories is any or all of the Harker Pack books:

If you love a good “magic” story and want a smile and don’t mind some OTT moments, give this a try.


KC Kelly is a great narrator! He does an admiral job attempting the accents in this story – and if they aren’t quite spot on they are at least fun!
His style definitely matches Tara Lain’s light hearted and “dramatic” tale.

4 of 5 stars

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Recent Release: The Arrangement – A Homestead Legacy Story By: Alex Jane

Good Reads

Gabriel Webster’s pack is in trouble. His father’s failing health and his mother’s untimely death mean that the vultures are circling. It won’t be long before his family’s assets are stripped and his pack disbanded. When an offer of help arrives in the form of a marriage of convenience, he has little choice but to accept.

The arrangement would be the perfect solution, if not for one thing. Gabriel is to marry Nathaniel Hayward, the Alpha who was badly injured in the accident that killed his brother ten years before—and the man Gabriel has been in love with for as long as he can remember.

Trapped in a business arrangement masquerading as a marriage—in a strange, empty house with a damaged husband who barely tolerates him — isn’t what Gabriel expected from life.

But sometimes the last thing we want is the beginning of something more.
And an ending can be the start of something beautiful

Review: This is an enjoyable story with likeable characters and a good story line.
My only complaints are that there is not made of the shifter life and very little description of the century (19th) in which the story occurs (these are my personal peeves and they don’t detract from the overall story).
Gabriel is ‘heir’ to a failing pack when he receives unexpected help from his late brother’s best friend, Nathaniel. Nathaniel, an alpha who was injured in the same accident that killed Gabriel’s brother, carries both emotional and physical scars. He proposes a marriage of convenience with Gabriel, who agrees (he has harboured a crush on Nate for a while).
The ‘arrangement’ starts off with Nathaniel keeping his distance, being generally aloof and cold towards Gabriel. But Gabriel perseveres, drawing the stubborn man out of his shell. The men grow closer and things start to work well between them, but there a still few things that need to settled before the men get their HEA.
An enjoyable story!


Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review

What a wonderful addition to the world Alex Jane created with the Homestead series. An arranged marriage to save the Pack it’s not what Gabriel wants but it must be done. I love how the story slowly weaves in reconciliation and emotional healing for both Gabriel and Nathaniel. A second chance at love for them. It takes time for Gabriel to begin to understand Nathaniel and why he behaves the way he does. There is a gentle sweetness about the Homestead series which has been carried on in this book. I love that there is a small cameo part for Thaddeus and Samuel. The world Alex Jane creates is so vivid. a pleasure to read

5 stars out of 5

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Audiobook: Calming the Enforcer (Cloverleah Pack #4) by Lisa Oliver Narrated by John York




Book 4 – The Cloverleah Pack Series
Can be read as a stand-alone

Troy Peterson has been waiting three long months for his true mate to return from his deployment in the US Army. But when Anton doesn’t turn up as planned, Troy starts to second guess everything he knows about his mate – and that’s before he has even met him.

Anton Sage fully intended on meeting Troy, the moment his ninety days service was up. But the Army had different ideas and now Anton is sitting in his wolf form, in a cage, wondering if he will ever get the chance to meet the man Fate intended for him.

Even after they meet, things do not go well. Between the Army, the mysterious Kylan, another wolf with the hots for Troy, an overbearing friend, and some old fashioned misunderstandings, Troy and Anton might never have the happily ever after they had dreamed of. Sometimes the mating gift can prove to be a curse.

Warning: This book is about two male wolf shifters. It includes fated mates, graphic gay sex, and references to BDSM, PTSD and cutting. Some foul language and violence.


I know it says these books can be read as standalones, but I really think you’re missing out on so much if you don’t read these in order. Plus – they’re so good, you’ll want to read them!

We knew Troy had a mate, Anton, but I was never really sure what the deal was. Well, that’s explained. Troy had a note with Anton’s scent and he knew they were mates, but Anton is special ops and not able to commit to quitting the military right away and knowing how mates suffer if they’re apart, he wanted to wait to claim Troy until he could be free and clear of the military.

Troy and Anton did converse via Skype and were learning about one another, but there are a lot of secrets.

I think, of all the books in the series – so far – this is one of my least favorite. It’s not that it’s bad – because it’s not! – but what keeps Troy and Anton separate is something that could mostly be fixed with a nice long – honest – discussion – and that always makes me frustrated. However… there are some other horrible forces at work – keeping Troy and Anton apart – including the introduction of Kylan and his back stabbing.

There are some brief mentions of the BDSM life style, but they really don’t surface. Instead, once our MCs get together, and learn how to function as a couple, we have pretty smooth sailing. Most of the hurdles are external and serve to drive the plot forward. (Which is why I think this is best read in order as the over arching plot flows from book to book.)

I still highly recommend this with a 4 of 5 stars

(FYI as far as I can tell there is no book 3 audiobook at this time)

John York does a nice job with this series. I don’t love his style, it’s a bit OTT for my taste – kind of melodrama-eque – but – in a way – that does match the flavor of this series a bit. He does a great job trying to give the vast myriad of characters a unique voice and the sound quality is always excellent.

This is a good way to experience the series.

4 of 5 stars

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Recent Release: Bitter Heat (Heat of Love #3) by Leta Blake

Good reads


A pregnant omega trapped in a desperate situation, an unattached alpha with a lot to prove, and an unexpected fall into love that could save them both.

Kerry Monkburn is contracted to a violent alpha in prison for brutal crimes. Now pregnant with the alpha’s child, he lives high in the mountains, far above the city that once lured him in with promises of a better life. Enduring bitterness and fear, Kerry flirts with putting an end to his life of darkness, but fate intervenes.

Janus Heelies has made mistakes in the past. In an effort to redeem himself, integrity has become the watchword for his future. Training as a nurse under the only doctor willing to take him on, Janus is resolute in his intentions: he will live cleanly in the mountains and avoid all inappropriate affairs. But he doesn’t anticipate the pull that Kerry exercises on his heart and mind.

As the question of Kerry’s future health and safety comes to an explosive head, only the intervention of fate will see these desperate men through to a happy ending.

This gay romance novel by Leta Blake is the third in the Heat of Love universe which began with Slow Heat. It’s 111,000 words, with a strong happy ending and a critically-acclaimed, non-shifter Omegaverse. It features alphas, betas, omegas, male pregnancy, mpreg, heat, and knotting. Content warning for a violent and oppressive society regarding reproductive rights.


Finally!! Finally we get a new story in this amazing series.

Ever since Alpha Heat I’ve been anxiously waiting to find out how Janus would fare and if he’d get a chance to redeem himself and find the happiness and love he yearns for. He was such an awful, but also such a tormented, almost tragic character. We only got hints of Kerry in Alpha Heat, but enough to know he is a very deserving candidate for true love.

Kerry, as an omega, has very little rights and no way out of his hellish contract with the man who tormented and abused him and so many other omega’s for years. Kerry goes through some really dark times when he discovers he’s pregnant with the child of a man he considers a monster. His pregnancy and all the turmoil and difficult decisions that come with it are handled so very thoughtfully in this story. I loved that Janus did his utmost to be there for Kerry instead of judging him from a place of ignorance and privilege.

Kerry is a man without hope and seeing him ever so slowly fall for Janus, learning to trust, taking that leap of faith, was so satisfying. It reminded me all over again of why I love, no need, romance novels in my life. The draw between Janus and Kerry is undeniable, even when their love seems doomed from the start, so there’s certainly a lot of angst but also the absolute wonder of falling in love, and all the heat and tantalizing sensuality that comes with that.
The world-building in this book, and series, is amazingly intricate, with so much food for thought in its approach to religion (“mainstream” and pagan), family, love and last but not least, gender roles in society. The omega freedom groups are facing almost impossible odds, but I sincerely hope we’ll get to see some changes for the better in coming books.

I loved seeing Caleb and Janus together as friends and the glimpses we get of Caleb’s happy life with Xan, Urho and their children were a treat. I only wish we could’ve gotten a scene with Janus and Xan bonding or finding more on page closure.

The epilogue was surprising in its focus and brought tears to my eyes, because it was so moving and unexpectedly emotional instead of just a sweetly fluffy look into Janus’ and Kerry’s HEA.

Recommend, obviously.


Number of stars out of 5: 5


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Recent Release: Surfing with a Seahorse (Beneath Aquatica’s Waves #6) by Charlie Richards

Extasy Books


World of Aquatica: When a seahorse shifter discovers his mate in a big handsome human, he must extricate him from his small controlling boyfriend.

Colton Martinez is a seahorse shifter and lives a comfortable life at World of Aquatica, a shifter owned and operated marine park. When a number of others find their Fate-given mates, he doesn’t give finding his own much thought—until he scents the most alluring aroma in a big, handsome human named Waylon Davison. Discovering his mate has a boyfriend doesn’t deter Colton. Instead, he lifts Waylon’s wallet and, with the help of friends, plans his strategy for wooing the man. After learning his human is disturbingly cowed by his boyfriend, Colton realizes Waylon has more to overcome than the shock of discovering that shifters exist. Even if Colton can convince Waylon to dump his jerk of a boyfriend, can he convince his human that entering a pairing with a man chosen by Fate isn’t a new prison?


This was very meh. I totally didn’t ever bond with Waylon and felt kind of skeeved out that he had a boyfriend for the first half of the book.

There just wasn’t much to this that hadn’t been done before and I was disappointed there wasn’t more about Colton being a seahorse as part of the story. Maybe mpreg? Anyhow…

3 of 5 stars

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Audiobook: Hexhunter (Hexworld #4) by Jordan L. Hawk Narrated by Tristan James




Detective Bill Quigley fell in love with the familiar Isaac the night they met. But after more than two years, it’s time to admit to himself that Isaac doesn’t return his feelings.

Isaac knows he’s too broken by his experiences for anyone to fall in love with. Especially someone like Bill, who deserves a partner unplagued by Isaac’s nightmares and doubts.

When children go missing from an orphanage, Bill and Isaac must work together to find them. And as years of yearning threaten to ignite into passion, they must decide once and for all whether to take a chance on love.


Just as I’ve come to expect, Jordan Hawk brings us another amazing installment in her Hexworld series!

What I love about this series is how clearly she brings to life the flavor, sounds, colors of her world with her words. Having listened to Tristan James’ narration of her characters helps – of course – but honestly – she does such a terrific job of painting the picture that it’s like being in a painting or watching a movie as I read.

The mystery is exciting but doesn’t overshadow the romance and the new “twist” we see here between Bill and Isaac is lovely and just as rewarding as the previous MCs in the series.

Highly recommended and I can’t wait to listen to this as well!

Gah! I LOVE listening to Tristan James do accents! Mmmmm He did a tremendous job differentiating ALL the different characters and the British/Irish/Bronx… all of them were fantastic! It must be SO HARD to do but it comes off as effortless.

I still think my favorite is the cat- Cicero. He’s so catty! And snarky and funny and Tristan truly does him justice. He did a nice job with Bill and Isaac too – but Cicero holds a special place in my heart.

This is ABSOLUTELY the best way to enjoy these – you won’t regret it!

6 of 5 stars

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