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Organic Chemistry (Book 1) Audiobook by Andrew Grey Narrated by Nick J Russo


Brendon Marcus lives for his work. A boy genius who fast-tracked his way to college professor by his early 20s, he doesn’t know any other way to be. People confound him. So when Josh Horton, the assistant football coach, pursues him, Brendon isn’t sure what to make of him. Josh has his own problems. His successful parents aren’t particularly happy with his career path, and some of the players don’t like having a gay assistant coach. He begins to have doubts, but Brendon makes the world look a little brighter.

First, let me say that I am a fan of Andrew Grey and I am a huge fan of the Geek/Jock story, so this hit my buttons in a big way. I like that Andrew made Brendon a strong if very naïve geek and that the relationship between him and Josh wasn’t a typical “I am your hero since I am so big” type of relationship. It was very sweet, pretty short, and had a little hot sex to make it an all around good read.


(This was one of my first audio books reviewed.  That site crashed so I’m re-posting it here  Funny how your opinion changes as time passes!  )

So, I don’t know how many of you read the book before the audio version or vice versa or one and not the other, but – so far in my experience – I have always read the book first. This is important to note, because it means that I had already formed pre-conceived notions about the “voice” of the MCs. That being said, I think that Nick J Russo did a good job. His voice is smooth and nice to listen to. He tries really hard to give all the characters a separate “voice” and though this can be distracting at times, it’s also a nice touch. It helps to keep clear who is doing the speaking.

Josh’s “character” as read by Nick wasn’t how I would have read him (at all) – but it wasn’t bad, just different. Brendon is done very well, and matches what I would have imagined.

(Now looking back on things – my hero worship of Nick makes me appreciate how awesome this narration is!)

Nick tries to add in appropriate emotion and (ahem) groans where appropriate and that’s also a nice touch.

As a staunch proponent of reading then listening – I will say again that this is a good interpretation, and certainly worth listening to, even if you haven’t read it first.

4 of 5 stars


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