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One Word by Anne Barwell

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A Hidden Places story

Ethan Leavitt arrives in the idyllic village of Oakwood to search for a missing friend. Having always prided himself on his ability to find rational explanations, Ethan’s trust in concrete evidence and logic is tested by the mystery of Oakwood and Tomas’s disappearance.
Donovan Campbell’s happy, sometimes flippant, exterior hides a past he’d rather forget. As he struggles with his memories and to hold on to the inn he owns with his best friend, the last thing Donovan needs is for some guy he’s only just met to start getting under his skin. When a bank robbery escalates into a dangerous situation, Donovan must embrace a part of himself he can no longer ignore in order to save a future that might never have the chance to exist.
Ethan learns that often the person you’re looking for is not the one you find. But have he and Donovan both realized that too late…?



I have not read the first two books in this series. The main characters in the first two books are Tomas and Cathal. The author states at the beginning of this book that it takes place during the final six weeks of Cat’s Quill, book one. Helpfully the prologue set the scene so I didn’t feel lost in the story. However the story seemed to be slow moving. Ethan is looking for any clues as to where his friend Tomas has vanished to. He disappeared just after his new boyfriend Cathal vanishes. Tomas was staying at the inn run by best friends Donovan and Heidi so Ethan stays there as well. Ethan and Donovan are attracted to each other but past experiences hold them back. Also the priority is finding Tomas. Running in the background is a bank robbery. The local police are on alert checking new people to the village. I liked how realistic it is. The relationship between Donovan and Ethan is not the tumble straight into bed type but the slow almost reluctant slide into a friendship and relationship. It does take most of the book but it feels so real and I was willing them get over their doubts and give love a chance.There is no sex but in my view it really isn’t needed. The prologue and epilogue tidies this story up and sets its context within book 1 and 2. So whilst I wouldn’t say it was a standalone story, there was enough to peak my interest in book 1 & 2, I also wouldn’t say it was a must to have read the other two books to enjoy this book.

3 of stars out of 5



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