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October’s Theme: Spoooky! Featuring Jordan L Hawk!

It’s that time of year again!!!

This year, in addition to featuring (at least) one “spooky” title each day, we’re also going to feature the amazing Jordan L Hawk!


Her amazing paranormal series: Whyborne and Griffin


and Hexworld help to bring our imaginations to life!


Look for some of these titles and more!

Throughout the month, commenters who tell us about their favorite Halloween or Fall Traditions or whom comment on the featured review, will be entered to win prizes from Jordan L Hawk’s own Swag Pile as well as a drawing for $15 from Dreamspinner Press!



12 replies on “October’s Theme: Spoooky! Featuring Jordan L Hawk!”

Thanks for featuring Jordan L. Hawk! She is my favorite m/m author!

Some Halloween traditions we have are setting up my Dept 57 spooky train and spooky carnival figurines, carving Jack O Lanterns, and my son dresses up in costume for trick or treating. This year he wants to be Indiana Jones.

I don’t have any Halloween traditions but it is definitely a day I never forget. My late husband was cremated on that day. We all agreed that with his wicked sense of humour it was a very apt day for it.
Can I also say, I’m glad to see a fair few of my favourite ‘spooky’ titles in that list, and a couple I will have to add to my wishlist soonest. ?

My brother and I used to go to Knotts Berry Farm Halloween Haunt. Our Father worked there and did the animation for the Log Ride and the Mine Ride. We used to get in free and go to the head of the line for both rides. Was a blast. Saw Elvira, Mistress of the Dark a few times and she was amazing.
There are a few titles I have not seen before up there!! Woo Hoo!
Love Jordan L. Hawk’s books. Every one I have read has been AMAZING! She sure can tell a story!!!

Looking forward to the posts!
I have never celebrate Halloween, therefore no tradition for me. But I love to read (or reread) books with slightly spooky elements (not overly spooky or it’ll creep me out! LoL) on October.
Jordan L. Hawk’s upcoming book is definitely on my must-read-on-October one! 😉

Halloween is my favorite holiday bar none, and have a tote chocked to the brim with hand-crafted Halloween decorations. Can’t wait to start decorating.

Love Jordan’s books and Hexslayer is on my wishlist.

Thank you for the spotlight. I’ve only read one Jordan L. Hawk book so far. I love when Halloween rolls around but I don’t celebrate it. I do love the candy and decorations.

Instead of a more traditional Halloween costume, I wear a t-shirt that I have painted with Halloween-themed decorations. If there is a chance of black-lights wherever I will be that night, I make sure to include something spooky in glow-in-the-dark paint, which glows brightly under a black-light. One year I was going to be helping a friend through a haunted house. She prefers to keep a hand on my shoulder in those, so I painted a g-i-t-d hand on my shoulder to give her a target.

Lately, the weekend before Halloween, I’ve been going to a theater’s bowling fund raiser. My husband is an ensemble member of that theater in Chicago, and they do a bowling party with costumes, etc., and it’s a lot of fun.

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