Northern Pack Lodge Series by Susi Hawke

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Omega Stolen (Northern Lodge Pack #1)



Jake is an alpha wolf on a mission to find his missing sister, who’s been kidnapped by the Alpha of his former pack. What he didn’t expect to find was a whole group of omega’s being held captive along with her. When he catches the scent of his fated mate among the group of omegas, he knows that he will do whatever it takes to get them all to safety – even if it means taking them all, along with a group of his alpha buddies and forming their own pack, a thousand miles to the north.


Kai was shocked when his own father sold him to the evil Alpha Fremont for a paltry sum of gold. He is befriended by the ragtag group of omegas who also being held in a life of captivity. That is, until the night that a gorgeous Alpha appears, looking to rescue his sister. He takes all of them to safety, along with his studly posse of alpha wolves, moving them all up north to form a new pack.


Kai soon becomes pregnant, settling into his new-found role as the Alpha’s mate, he begins to feel safe for the first time in his life. As his pregnancy progresses, so does the danger, as the former Alpha tracks them down – putting their new pack, and Kai’s future happiness, at risk.

This is the first book of the new Northern Lodge Pack series. Every book is guaranteed to have a HEA, but it’s advised to read them in order for maximum appreciation. 18+ readers only please! And yes, this book contains M/PREG, knotting, adults doing lots of sexy naughty things to each other, and the occasional use of potty mouth language!

Omega Shared: M/M/M Shifter Mpreg Romance (Northern Lodge Pack #4)


Omega Shared is the story of two wolf men named Owen and Zane…and a bear named Karl. This unlikely threesome are fated mates, who need to figure out a way to be together that will work for all three of them.

Karl is an alpha bear without a family of his own, since bears are solitary creatures who only form attachments to their mates. Lonely, Karl longs for family, and the comfort of having a support network, like his friends in the wolf pack enjoy. Little does he know it, but he will soon be raising his brother’s cub. It would be a good idea if he had mates to help him when the adorable three-year-old girl appears in his life.

Owen is a wolf that doesn’t make attachments. In his life, people leave. Never having had a family, he’s pretty sure that he’s not cut out for one anyway. Instead, he will just enjoy his secret affair with Karl. Who cares if they’re both alphas? It’s not like Owen’s looking to mate and have pups of his own anyway. No, he’s better off just fooling around with the alpha bear, than to risk his heart with an omega. Even one as tempting as Zane.

Zane lost his entire family on the day of his high school graduation. It’s been three years now, and Zane is finally starting to heal and come into his own as an omega. When he sees an alpha from his pack kissing a bear shifter, Zane is intrigued. He’d never realized that alphas could be together romantically. Now, he can’t get the memory of the two strong men kissing each other out of his mind. He feels a pull to them both, but he can’t tell which one is his fated mate. They both smell so good to him! But, he couldn’t possibly be a match to Karl, could he? Can wolves and bears mix? Is it even allowed? Zane has a lot to figure out if he is going to get what really wants from the two alphas: a family of his own.

This is the fourth book of the Northern Lodge Pack series. Every book is over 30k and guaranteed to have an HEA, but it’s advised to read them in order for maximum appreciation. 18+ readers only please! And yes, this book contains M/PREG, knotting, adults doing lots of sexy naughty things to each other, and the occasional use of potty mouth language!


This was a fun series to find! I’m betting that reading them in order is probably the best way to go about things, but I enjoyed book one and was really in the mood for the ménage so I jumped to book 4 and didn’t find myself lost.

These are longish books with a lot of character development, a fair amount of sexy-times, a fair amount of “shifted” times and mpreg!

There are the requisite bad guys out to sabotage the new pack and loads of personal insecurities to overcome.

In book one, Kai and Jake bond fairly seamlessly and they end up working together to help defend their new pack throughout most of the book.

In Book 4 the pack is nicely established but Karl and Owen still don’t feel comfortable sharing their mated secret. While I found it hard to believe that the pack could be so oblivious or that the couple could ignore their third mate for so long – I enjoyed watching them interact. Karl and Owen are opposites but both so alpha and Zane really compliments them well.

I’ll probably go back and read more from this series as it was really well-done.

Highly recommended to fans of shifters and mpreg!

4.5 of 5 stars


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