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My Goodbye to 2016, a Letter of Gratitude, some Best Ofs and a Giveaway!

I wanted to just take a moment to say good-bye to 2016.  In some ways, good-riddance – right?  Wow.  We’ve lost some amazing people, seen some dramatic changes occur politically, and we’ve also had our own personal crises and triumphs this year.

I, for one, hope to see 2017 bring in a year where we remember that we’re all in this “fight” together, and that by rallying around one another and focusing on things like Love and Peace, we all win.

But- I’m not really that kind of sappy person- so I also want to just move on to next year and some more amazing books!

I want to thank the authors and narrators who have worked with me this year in providing posts, comments, and support.  There are so many of you out there who are open, and sharing and kind and I really appreciate your time and energy.  Sometimes it can feel like we do what we do in a vacuum and your kind words and helpful posts not only make my life easier, but richer and more rewarding.  So THANK YOU for taking time to reply, or comment or share these posts. 

Another huge Thank You goes to the publishers and other providers who help to keep us in books and audios so that we can keep doing this!  Thank you so much!

I most importantly want to thank the people who read these posts and provide comments and vote on the polls – without you this wouldn’t be worth doing, so Thank You most of all!

I wanted to add my own little “Best of 2016”, not because I don’t agree with the polls but because I wanted to add in some extra “categories” and give some kudos to some amazing authors and narrators who did some tremendous work this year IMHO.

(These were all books or audiobooks released in this calendar year.)

Favorite Humor: Avon Gale: Save of the Game and Power Play






Favorite Paranormal: Grizzly Rim by Mia West and The Demon Duke by SJ Frost






Favorite Holiday: Disarming Donner by Charlie Cochet, Teddy Bears by Brandon Witt and Krampus Hates Christmas by Andi Van







Favorite Angsty: Love Can’t Conquer by Kim Fielding and A Mended Man by Jamie Reese







Best Continuation of a Series: Lollipop by Amy Lane, Tied up in Knots by Mary Calmes, Dirty Heart by Rhys Ford







Favorite Duo Narration Audiobook Strong Signal by Santino Hassell narr by Guy Locke and Eric London and Him by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy narrated by Teddy Hamilton and Jacob Morgan






Favorite older book(s) which just now came to audio: Gambling Men by Amy Lane narr Gomez Pugh and By the Light of the Moon by Sandrine Gasq-Dion narr Greg Boudreax






Favorite Book or Audiobook that I was Surprised I Loved: The Persistence of Memory by Jordan Castillo Price narr Seth Clayton (and the series)

Favorite Contemporary Audio: Broken Circle by Riley Hart narr Jack Dupont and Not a Game by Cardeno C narr Michael Ferraiuolo






Favorite Paranormal Audio: Spooksquad by Jordan Castillo Price narr Gomez Pugh and How to Wish Upon a Star by Eli Easton narr Matthew Shaw






I’m sure there are more that I’ll regret not mentioning but… in any case, congratulations to you all and thanks so much for sharing your creative genius with the world!

Contest:  Comment on a book or audiobook you loved this year that surprised you and one random commenter will be drawn to win a $15 Amazon Gift Card!

26 replies on “My Goodbye to 2016, a Letter of Gratitude, some Best Ofs and a Giveaway!”

The book I read and love this year that surprised me was Grind by E. Davies. It is about a transman. Before this book I have read another novel about transgenders, but I couldn’t finished that. It was seriously lacking.
So I was hesitant about reading another transgender book, but with E. Davies you can’t go wrong and I wanted to have the last book in the series. And boy, was I glad that I read this book. It was a beautifully written story. It was insightful, sweet and sexy at the same time.
Not a surprise that I loved a book by E. Davies, but definitely surprised that I loved a book about transgenders.

The book that surprised me this year was Sutphin Boulevard by Santino Hassell. I knew the reviews were goid, but he was a new author for me and I was skeptical. I loved that book. It’s fantastic and I couldn’t set it down.

I’m the kind of reader who rarely read books that are available in Amazon KU. Why? I’ve had my share of crappy experience on some of the books. Then, one day, Miss Sloane Kennedy recommended this book called Too Close by R. Phoenix. I went to Amazon to check the previous published books by Miss Phoenix & I was skeptical at first because from what I’ve seen, she had written a dark romance. I’ve accidentally read a dark romance before & it twisted my stomach in knots. I felt like throwing up. Going back to the recommendation, I then told myself, “Why not?” It must be good since it was recommended by Miss Kennedy. Then, I haven’t prepared myself for the tornado that swept me after reading Too Close. It was… OH, MY GOD! IT WASN’T I WAS EXPECTING ‘CAUSE IT HAD GIVEN ME SO MUCH MORE! It was HEARTWRENCHING, DIFFICULT, MOVING & HUMUROUS at the same time! I did not see it coming from someone writing a contemporary for the first time. I was so MINDBLOWN & SHOCKED, I didn’t know how can I recover. It was so good & I LOVED IT. (Obviously. :D)

Thank you for the post and sharing your list of books/audiobooks. Thank you also for running this wonderful blog.

I read/listened to a lot of wonderful books this year. One that surprised me was the audiobook of A Place Called Winter by Patrick Gale. It surprised me for two reasons. First, it was narrated by the author and I worried it would not be professional. But, I loved his narration. Secondly, I expected to enjoy the story, but I did not expect to be so moved by it. I still think about it from time to time.

So many good audiobooks and books this year. I was taken by surprise by my favorite TSTL character, Skyler Foxe. I found a new series that I love and it is due to Joel Leslie’s narration.

I LOVE Jordan Castillo Price’s Psycop series and the best surprise was her published book of shorts, many of which I had read in various places on the Internet, which included a new longer story with Vic and Jacob. I truly hope this series goes on forever.

Unexpected reads of 2016
* Enemy of the State by Tal Bauer (he has become a must buy author on that book alone)
* Rustic series by Nic Starr (ok an Aussie series but hence its charm)
* Across your dreams by Jay Lewis Taylor (my other fave genre – historical/nostalgia)

OK I’m back to bed for more reading, it is overcast & raining. No sympathy necessary it is also warm and tropical

I had bought and read Riley Hart’s series Broken a couple of years ago. Totally enjoyed it but new books came and her series was buried under all the new books added to my Kindle account. Then I discovered Whispersinc and started going back and finding stories I owned that offered that feature. I bought the audio to Broken Pieces and all I can say is wow. Take a story you love and then add color. Definitely will look for more like this.

Mad Lizard Mambo by Rhys Ford narrated by Greg Tremblay – I loved reading it and then listening to it just added so much more depth

My favorite audiobooks of the year were both TJ Klune books.. Lightning Struck Heart and How To Be A Normal Person. I’ve listened to both multiple times even though I have tons of books to listen to. Currently listening to Drawn Together and man.. Greg really knows how to lay on the cajun accent.

I think for me a book that surprise me was Untouchable Beauty by Meraki P. Lyhne. I was pleasantly surprised about this book. I was at first as I was reading thinking I wasn’t going to like it. However I continue to read it start to love it.

The audio that absolutely blew me away this year was Out of Nowhere narrated by Spencer Goss. I am in awe of his talent in bringing Colin’s pain to vivid life in this narration. I cannot wait for his next book.

Lots of great books here. I was on the fence about audios until the last year, but a long summer with 550 miles commuting changed my mind 🙂 There are some great audios out there.

The cronins key trilogy.ilove n r walkers books but i don’t usually read paranormal. I just have to say that this series surprised me by how much i loved them… they have inspired me to be more open to reading more paranormal…
Thanks for the chance

My favourite book came along rather late in the year. In December I bought “Tournament of Losers” on a whim and enjoyed it imensely. The book just wasn’t what I expected after reading the blurb. In fact I am glad I gave it a try. How often does it happen that you get hooked in by the blurb and then you are just disappointed, because the book doesn’t live up to what is promised. So, if I read a book where I don’t expect much and it blows my mind that’s a gift in itself. “Tournament of Losers” turned out to be a story loosely inspired by Cinderella and I loved it. I’m a sucker for fairy tale themed stories that are well written.

Good luck to everyone and have a great start into the new year!

I have read many amazing books this year but the standouts have been Wolfsong by Tj Klune & The Protectors series by Sloane Kennedy

I thoroughly love SJ Himes’ work, her Beacon Hill Sorcerer series is amazing. I have many more but I need to leave right now and cannot make a list, LOL.

I absolutely loved REAPER by A. Zavarelli, narrated by Tracy Marks. The book… the narration… All of it was absolutely perfect. Both were new to me and are my top discoveries of 2016 <3

I discovered TJ Klune’s The Lightning-Struck Heart. I couldn’t believe how funny it was the first time I listened to it (while driving – I had to pull over…). I have listened to it 4 times since – it’s my go to when I need a good laugh or comfort 🙂

The Innocent Auction by Victoria Sue. It was the first historical MM book I read. I’m really didn’t think i’d be a fan of a historical novel but I loved it.

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