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Music of love by Diana Sheridan

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The worst thing a teacher can do is fall in love with a student, but knowing that isn’t always enough to prevent such feelings. But even though his music student, Chance, is old enough, there’s still the matter of his being straight and an age gap of seventeen years. Whatever his feelings, Daniel may have to concede that sometimes love simply isn’t meant to be…




This is a very short story about a music teacher who falls for his student. Then he pines for his student. A lot. And then some more. And then he tries to get over him. Then he hits on him.

The End.


The writing wasn’t very good, unfortunately. There was a lot of telling and not much showing going on. The dialog was stilted and awkward.

IE “His personality was incredible.” “You’ve moved the piano!” Chance exclaimed. “It’s disquieting to see how many things change when a person is gone for a while.”

The “reveal” scene where Daniel hits on Chance sounds more creepy than seductive or romantic and then jumps right into unbelievable with a very premature ILY.

IE “Chances’s cheeks flushed with a rosy color. But, sneaking a peek at Chance’s crotch, Daniel was sure he saw the beginnings of a protrusion there.” He dropped one hand lightly to the stiffening lump and squeezed it. “Your willy seems to like the idea, “ Daniel said softly.


I can’t recommend this book. Perhaps this is a first work of the author and with some more time and practice there will be improvements, but this is not a great example of her writing.

1 of 5 stars


Reviewed by Morgan

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