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Morgan’s Picks for 2018!


Without anyone voting- just me! – I decided to take a look at my own reading and listening this year and I wanted to give some shout-outs to some of my favorites! These are in no particular order but I’ve read and listened to over 366 books this year and these rose to the top (of those published in 2018).



Best Contemporary: (Also one of the most stunning covers of the year!)

A Chosen Man by Jaime Reese


Best OFY/GFY :Q*Pid by Xavier Mayne

Best Hurt/Comfort YA/NA : Boy shattered by Eli Easton



Best Hurt/Comfort (non NA): Riven by Roan Parrish



Best YA/NA (not hurt/comfort) : Ryker (Owatonna U Hockey #1) by R.J. Scott and V.L. Locey

Best from a “light” series paranormal:  Chasing Thunderbird (Shifter U #2) by J. Leigh Bailey



Best from a “light” Fantasy series: Forged in Fire (Asheville Arcana #2) by
Ari McKay


Best Paranormal series by established author : Seer (Soulmates #2) by
Erin M. Leaf

Best Humor in a Paranormal Series: Agent Bayne (PsyCop #9) by
Jordan Castillo Price




Best New (to me) authors/ books:


The Enchanter’s Flame (The Ellwood Chronicles #1) by Michele Notaro

Frostbite (The Gifted Ones #1) by  J.M. Wolf



New Series I’m most looking forward to (so far) in 2019:

Elemental Magick (The Donovan Coven #1) by Jacki James




Many of my favorite books were also audiobooks but in the interest of being able to give a shout out to several books/authors I chose not to represent them in both categories.










Best holiday: Better Not Pout by Annabeth Albert Narrated by Sean Crisden


Best Historical : Kidnapped by the Pirate By: Keira AndrewsNarrated by: Cornell Collins


Best Contemporary: Red Dirt Heart 4 By: N.R. WalkerNarrated by: Joel Leslie

Best NA/YA:  Brandon Mills versus the V-Card (Prescott College, Book 2) By: J.A. RockLisa HenryNarrated by: Joel Leslie

Best New (to me) Narrator:  Prophesy (The King & Alpha Series Series, Book 1) By: A.E. ViaNarrated by: Nathaniel Black

And The Soldati Prince (Soldati Hearts, Book 1) By: Charlie CochetNarrated by: Manuel Pombo

Best Paranormal Series: Patience and Acceptance (Forbes Mates Series, Books 2 and 3) By: Grace R. DuncanNarrated by: Chistopher Boucher

Favorite Narrator of 2018: Nick J Russo

Examples are: Crocus by Amy Lane

Leaning into Forever by Lane Hayes

and Duke’s Baby Deal by Ann-Katrin Byrde






Best Audiobook of 2018 (and probably best book too…)  Evolved by NR Walker narrated by Joel Leslie



I’d love your opinion on your favorites!  I hope you check these titles out!  Looking forward to more in 2019!







2 replies on “Morgan’s Picks for 2018!”

Hi Morgan,
Definitely agree with Boy Shattered by Eli Easton. That book was a hard read but so very worth the emotional roller-coaster.
Evolved by N.R. Walker was a fantastic read, makes you think about what the future could be like and the possibility of AI technology.
Enchanter’s Flame was my first from Michele Notaro and cannot wait for book two. Love supernatural books with some mystery and romance.
My favourite of the year is Love Me Whole by Nicky James, have been bigging it up whenever I have the chance 🙂
You’ve definitely given me some to add to my extensive tbr lists

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