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Modern Warfare (Covert Affairs #2) by Valerie Vaughn

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Covert Affairs M/M Romance Book Two

Navigating a new relationship is never easy, but Deputy Director Syler Perrin has the uniquely hair-raising privilege of doing it with one Special Agent Arthur Dufault, premiere CIA operative and all around menace.

When Arthur nearly dies on a botched assignment in Moscow, Syler thinks he can be forgiven for going a bit off the deep end looking for ways to keep his lover safe.

Arthur, for his part, is more worried that Syler is going to decide their entire relationship isn’t worth the trouble and that’s before the next two assignments go wrong.

There’s no such thing as a coincidence in espionage. Everything points to a leak, but no one can pinpoint where despite their best efforts.

Frankly, Syler would rather deal with all that then Arthur’s mother showing up for a surprise visit.

Or – getting together was one thing. Building a future is something else.

One happily ever after with a side of gun fights coming right up


Superb! This was an excellent sequel and over exceeded my expectations! I loved meeting Arthur’s mom and I loved the continued friendships that Syler developed with his team as well as how he managed to wrangle Arthur in and through his latest missions and career developments.

Highly entertaining and so full of details! I loved it!

6 of 5

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