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Mine to Protect (Pine Ridge Pack #3) by Jayda Marx


Stone – So much has changed in the past few months. My packmates Rowan and Phoenix have found their fated mates and have never been happier. They’ve also never been more ridiculous; the big, strong shifters are constantly going all giggles and googly-eyes over their men. The strangest part of it all has been realizing that’s what I want for myself (my mate…NOT the giggles). For the longest time, I was in no hurry to meet my mate. I had fun playing the field and sowing my wild oats. But watching the four of my packmates together, I realized that meaningless sex with countless strangers was just that; meaningless. Seeing the smiles on my friends’ faces and knowing the contentment in their hearts, it was impossible not to want that for myself. I don’t regret my wild past, but I’m ready for something deeper. It’s difficult to wait for Fate to deliver my mate. I never expected her to deliver a terrified beauty running for his life.
Wren – All I was trying to do was bring my boyfriend Preston his favorite treat from the diner where I wait tables. We work different shifts and it’s difficult to find time to get together, so I decided to leave my job a little early and surprise him at his home before he left for his evening shift with the police department. Through a series of terrifying and dangerous events, I learn that Preston isn’t the nice guy I thought he was. And now to make sure I don’t blab about what I saw, he wants me dead. With nowhere else to go and needing to hide, I run into the woods…and right into the muscled arms of a sexy park ranger who promises to protect me. But can I trust him?
*This M/M paranormal romance is for readers 18 and up! It has no cliffhangers or cheating and a very happy HEA. It contains a sexy wolf shifter, his devoted pack and his lovable fated mate. Look out for lurking dangers, heartwarming moments and steamy scenes! My books are low angst and insta-love. They’re full of sexy moments, teeth tingling sweetness and a healthy dose of humor.



This was a cute continuation of the series.  Nothing spectacular.  I did love Stone and thought Jayda did a great job of pairing him with Wren.


Definitely best read in order.

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