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Memories of the Heart (Memories Book 1) Audiobook by Felice Stevens Narrated by Sean Crisden (Review)


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Ruthless, controlling, a loner. All words the hospital staff used to describe Dr. Micah Steinberg – their next head of surgery. When a letter arrives from his grandmother’s friend at the assisted living facility, his orderly world tilts dangerously out of control.

Josh Ruthn had everything until it was revealed much of his world was a lie. Forced to reevaluate his life, Josh gives up his career and returns home to New York City to care for his beloved grandmother. What Josh didn’t figure on was an attraction to a man who on the surface, appears to be exactly like the life Josh chose to leave behind.

As Micah struggles with the reality of his grandmother’s illness, the bond these two share deepens, as Josh helps Micah heal, then open his heart. Micah discovers there is more to life than work, control and success. Josh is in deep but has yet to tell Micah who he really is.

When the fight for the hospital’s head of surgery turns ugly, Josh’s past and present collide. Micah must let go of the past and accept who he is, if his life is going to move forward.

Life is full of surprises, and as both Micah and Josh learn, love can happen whether you plan for it or not.


Micah is a big ol’ jerk. He’s self centered. Condescending. Job obsessed. Ruthless. Doesn’t believe in love. And he forgets to visit his sweet old grandmother in the nursing home!

Josh is perfect. He’s sweet. Kind. Loyal. Believes in true love. And he visits his grandma every day.

Josh’s grandma, Ethel and Micah’s grandma, Ruth are friends at the same home. Ethel sends a letter to Micah scolding him for how he’s treating Ruth. This makes Micah so mad he immediately runs down to the home to set her straight but… while there he also runs into the snotty barista he met that morning on his way to work (Josh)! Josh and Micah strike sparks off one another right away. Since Micah was an ass to Josh, Josh believes nothing but bad things about him. Micah believes Josh is a free-loader trying to get the better of his sweet grandmother for her money.

Well, as it turns out, Josh is a lawyer who left his practice when his partner at work (and in life) dumps him for another man. Josh decided his family was more important and he looks to start over in NYC.

Micah and Josh end up seeing a lot of one another through their grandmothers and the attraction between them sizzles. Neither believes the other is a permanent thing, but they can’t help but get involved.

When Ruth’s health takes a turn for the worse, Micah turns to Josh for comfort and he helps Micah realize what is really important in life.

There are a few hurdles left – Josh’s job, Micah’s past, Micah’s job and Josh’s past… but they move through these fairly easily.

In the end they find a delightfully sappy HEA and Ruth and Ethel get to plan their future together!


This was a very low angst read full of hearts and Ruths and sappy phrases. Some will be turned off by this, but not me! I loved it. It was refreshing and sweet and all together enjoyable.

(Rafe, who we meet again in the next book in the series, acted a little strange for someone who’d just met Josh, he seemed awful willing to go to a lot of trouble – but… I’m still eager to read his story with Alex!)


Sean Crisden is a favorite narrator of mine and though he didn’t do much to make either Josh or Micah’s voices stand out, he did a great job with both grandmother’s and their vaguely Eastern European aged accents.

I really enjoyed both the story and the narration.

5 of 5 stars


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