Maximilian (Council Enforcers Book 9) by Catherine Lievens

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Sometimes facing the past is the only way to move forward.
Max and his twin, Jessie, moved to Gillham six months ago after the enforcers rescued them from their abusive alpha. Max might not be in peak form yet, but he’s had enough of sitting on his ass all day. When he asks Kameron for a job, he doesn’t expect he’ll be teamed up with his mate.

Dane is still recovering from the years he spent in one of the Glass Research Company’s labs and on the run, but he wants to be useful. When Kameron assigns him to answer the new council hotline, he meets his new colleague, Max. Max isn’t only a coworker, though—he’s also Dane’s mate.

Max and Dane want to move forward, together, but to do that, they have to let go of the past. Max will have to face the council and explain what his alpha did to him, while Dane has to face his past and the betrayal of someone who should have protected him. Getting over a painful past isn’t easy though. Will they be able to keep their relationship steady as they face the memories?


Catherine Lievens has brought together 2 characters we’ve meet from earlier books. Both MC’s have been through really bad times, yet when they meet that snap of recognition is there.

Maximilian and his twin brother Jesse were rescued in a previous book from the torture of their alpha. Dane and a group of friends had banded together after escaping from an experimental lab and was captured when he and his band of friends were causing problems for a nyse village.

I like how they each supported the other to work through the issues they carried. I like how even though Jesse and Max fought they always seemed to work through most of their issues.

This is a sweet story, that will leave you happy on how the couple resolve their issues and move towards their HEA.

4 of 5 stars


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