Lovers, Losers and You (Sunshine and Happiness Book 2) by Skylar M Cates


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How can you lose one dream and still find another?
Owen King is a lonely history teacher who wants to be braver. So when Owen learns about the deceased brother he never met, he breaks free of his safety net and risks answers. Despite his loving, adopted family, Owen wonders if there are missing pieces inside of him. Visiting the seaside town of Ocean Vista, where his brother lived and died, will be no vacation.

Andrew Teagan wants to be a winner. After being dumped by his last boyfriend, Andrew is through letting others dictate his life. To prove that dreams are possible, he’s going after his ambitions full force. Having signed on for a cooking reality show, Andrew’s ready to make his small café into a sizzling success.

When Andrew aids Owen on the beach, what starts off as an act of kindness turns into a hot temptation. But can a sweet budding romance survive when the time comes for Owen to leave town? Both men must learn to trust each other if their love will conquer the miles between them.


Book one reviewed here

I loved that (in comparison to book one) this book is almost angst-free (relationship-wise). There is drama about the show and things in the house, but the guys fall for one another and trust that. They move from “just met” to “can’t live without one another” rapidly, but also in a way that seems really organic and authentic.

In the end this is a story of two men falling in love over a week and agreeing to take a chance on that love. It was simple and sweet and sometimes sexy, but low on angst.

We also see the seeds of the future books/couples here: Morgan and River; Tomas and Marc and we get to spend a bit more time with Ian and Cole being ridiculously cute and in love.

Skylar Cates’ writing is lovely, as always, flowing and without effort. She brings depth and emotion to her characters and really bring them alive for her readers.

Fans of the series and the author won’t be disappointed with this book, and I think it does well as a stand-alone, too.

I highly recommend this book, series and author. It’d be great to see these guys more on their own (stress free) and I hope we see that in future books.



Hugh Bradley is dear to me for his work on Behind the Curtain by Amy Lane.  In that he was exceptional as the young and naive Dawson.  I think that soft voice really suits him. He does a nice job with Tomas’ accent, though it isn’t perfect.  He doesn’t do a lot for the women’s voices, but it’s obvious who’s speaking at all times.  His Southern accent is nice, giving Owen a gentle drawl.  He’s great at the emotions, pacing and is easy to listen to.  This was an easy listen and I think this is a great way to enjoy this lovely story.

4.5 of 5 stars



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