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Lou Sylvre Guest Post and Giveaway for Sunset at Pencarrow!


OS: Welcome to Lou Sylvre one of the authors of Sunset at Pencarrow. Lou is here today to share with us a bit about the new book, give us an excerpt and is kind enough to offer a giveaway! Thanks for stopping by Lou!

Hi! I’m Lou Sylvre, thrilled and thankful to be here on Open Skye Reviews on release day for Sunset at Pencarrow—a Dreamspinner World of Love story set in New Zealand, which I co-wrote with Kiwi author Anne Barwell. I’ve brought a brief but fun exclusive excerpt with me for today’s tour stop, and I’ll get right to that. First though, an invitation! Join us on the tour—leave your thoughts on post comments as a way to get extra entries in our Rafflecopter giveaway (because we love to hear from you). Just click here for the schedule and links to all the blogs.

Exclusive Excerpt:
As Nate guided the Subaru slowly to the side of the road, Rusty couldn’t stop watching the man’s face. He looked positively pissed. At the airport, he’d looked annoyed, irritated, frustrated. Now he looked as though he’d passed fuck-the-world stage and moved on to planning murder.
Fuck this.
Rusty waited for his argumentative brain to offer a calming response to that, but nothing came up, so he continued in the same vein.
Why the hell did you think you could get along with this guy, Beaumont? Maybe he is a nice guy. Sure. But he’s up, then he’s down, and what’s there to be upset about, anyway? It’s only a flat tire.
And I didn’t even say I told you so.
Probably should have….
Rusty unbuckled and opened his door, planning to help Nate change the tire. It should only take a minute, and then maybe he’d tell Mr. Grumpy he’d changed his mind after all.
Hiking in the wilds? No problem. Putting up with this moody shit? Just no.
Nate hadn’t moved, hadn’t even twitched, since muscling the uncooperative car off the road and shutting down the ignition. Rusty was beginning to wonder if he thought the tire was going to change itself. Or maybe he was a secret drug smuggler and he’d cached a million New Zealand dollars’ worth of uncut cocaine in the wheel well. Maybe he’ll have to shoot me if I see it, and he’s deciding how best to dispose of my body….
Too late, Rusty realized he’d laughed out loud at the ridiculous picture his imagination had treated him to. Where before, Nate had looked stonily out the windshield, now he directed his blazing glare right at him. Rusty noticed there was something sexy about eyes that could blaze. But still.
“Sorry,” he said. “I had a funny thought.”
The blaze didn’t waver.
“You were killing me because of the cocaine in your wheel well.” Shut the fuck up, Beaumont! What are you doing?
Nate arched a single eyebrow.
“I’ve always wondered how people can do that,” Rusty said, referring to the eyebrow raise.
Finally, Nate broke his silence. “You’ve always wondered… how I can kill someone because of cocaine in my wheel well?”
Rusty couldn’t reply. If he tried, he would surely bust out laughing, and this whole situation was clearly unfunny to Mr. Grumpy—with whom he’d mistakenly agreed to an overnight stay in the wilderness.
Then Nate said, absolutely deadpan, “And what in seven hells is a wheel well?”
Thank God and his Buddhist mother’s training Rusty held it together for the next few seconds, which gave Nate time to exit the vehicle and walk around back to pop the station wagon’s tailgate. By the time he joined Nate, Rusty had done some slow breathing and had regained control. Nate had more or less gone still again. Or almost still—he was chewing his lip a little. His eyes had stopped blazing, and even though Rusty had thought them beautiful all alight with emotion, he admitted the quenched blaze probably indicated his attention was not on murdering his mouthy passenger.
Thank you so much for reading!


Kiwi Nathaniel Dunn is in a fighting mood, but how does a man fight Wellington’s famous fog? In the last year, Nate’s lost his longtime lover to boredom and his ten-year job to the economy. Now he’s found a golden opportunity for employment where he can even use his artistic talent, but to get the job, he has to get to Christchurch today. Heavy fog means no flight, and the ticket agent is ignoring him to fawn over a beautiful but annoying, overly polite American man.

Rusty Beaumont can deal with a canceled flight, but the pushy Kiwi at the ticket counter is making it difficult for him to stay cool. The guy rubs him all the wrong ways despite his sexy working-man look, which Rusty notices even though he’s not looking for a man to replace the fiancé who died two years ago. Yet when they’re forced to share a table at the crowded airport café, Nate reveals the kind heart behind his grumpy façade. An earthquake, sex in the bush, and visits from Nate’s belligerent ex turn a day of sightseeing into a slippery slope that just might land them in love.





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Anne Barwell lives in Wellington, New Zealand. She works in a library, is an avid reader and watcher across genres, and is constantly on the lookout for more hours in her day. Music often plays a part in her stories, and although she denies being a romantic at heart, the men in her books definitely are. Anne has written in several genres—contemporary, fantasy, historical, and SF— and believes in making her characters work for their happy endings.







Lou Sylvre loves romance with all its ups and downs, and likes to conjure it into books. The romantics on her pages are men who fall hard for each other, end up deeply in love, and often save each other from unspeakable danger. It’s all pretty crazy and very sexy. Among other things, Lou is the creator of the popular Vasquez and James series​, which can be found at Dreamspinner Press, Amazon, and many other online vendors.







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LOL! Thanks for the excerpt. It’s always interesting when someone catches you thinking (and laughing at) crazy thoughts.

I enjoyed the excerpt poor Rusty trying to get Nate to see the funny side of things and failing never mind I’m looking forward to their hopefully HEA.

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