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Lone Wolf (Wilde Wolves #3) by Aja Foxx, Ciena Foxx

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Retired Sheriff Dan Miller thought life was pretty good until he was attacked by a man bent on using him against the Wilde Wolf Pack. When he’s made into a shifter to save his life, he discovers that the world he knew as a human was nothing compared to that of a wolf. He just can’t seem to figure out how to shift.

Lion shifter Sean is running for his life. More importantly, he’s running to save the lives of the two small children he has stolen from his alpha. When he stumbles across the Wilde Wolf Pack, he finds more than he ever expected. A pack, safety, and his mate. He’s just afraid to trust it.

When the evil hunting him arrives at the gates of Belle Grove, Sean knows time has run out. Learning to trust those around him isn’t easy when he’s never had that before, but fighting for his mate and those in the pack just might be worth the battle to come.


Gah! A wealth of amazing stories all at once! I loved this! First, the house. So. Cool.

Second. I love Dan’s transformation 😉

Third. Super sweet romance and the chance to spend more time with the MCs from the other books.

Loved it!

5 stars

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