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Lone Wolf (Bad Oak Boys #4) by Erin Leaf



Shane River is the last of the Bad Oak boys to feel the pull of his animal trying to get out. Problem is, once he shifts, the wolf wants nothing more than to run far away… alone. He’s an Alpha Lone Wolf, and that means he doesn’t need a pack.

Tim Cooper thought his father was human. He wasn’t. He thought his werewolf mother could survive anything. She didn’t. He thought he’d never be able to shift, but he thought wrong, and the truth is more disturbing than anything he could’ve imagined.

When Shane finds Tim’s mother dying in the desert, he vows to track down the vicious wolf-coyote hybrids responsible for the attack. He doesn’t expect her son Tim: a hybrid who has no idea what he is. He doesn’t expect Tim’s animal to call to his wolf. And he certainly doesn’t expect to mate with a creature ravaged by grief, but when instinct howls, the wolf must obey.


This is a standalone, technically, but really you should read the entire series because it’s so dang good!

This time around we focus on Shane, the lone wolf in the group, who is out hunting the hybrids we saw in Wulfgang’s book. Along the way he finds an injured and dying werewolf and her son… who happens to be his mate.

Tim and his mother have been hiding and on the run for years because the coyotes who raped her want her silenced. Tim has never shifted before but when he meets Shane – as we’ve seen before – he completes the circle and shifts for the first time ever.

Our couple has a long road ahead of them – finding and killing the hybrids and their drug source, establishing their roles with one another as both of them have been alone for awhile and finally figuring out just what it means to be mated to a hybrid.


I love this entire series and found this to be one of the best of the bunch. I thought there was a lot of emotional depth in this story and some tough considerations to be made concerning nature and nurture and vigilantism versus justice.

As always, the mpreg portion of this warmed my heart and I was psyched to see the trend continue!

I can’t recommend this series highly enough – it’s wonderful!

5 of 5 stars


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