5 stars adult - 18+ Alternate World Angst Level Beth Jumper Book Dystopian Fade to black/No Steam Gay Gay Heat Index Hidden Lovers High but not hopeless Hurt/comfort Kinks m/m/m Military Misunderstanding Monthly Theme Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Part of a Series Purchased

Kink Month: The Soldier (Free Men Book 2) by Kate Aaron

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Love is the strongest bond.

Three months. That’s all it took for Kai to forsake freedom and learn to love his new life as pleasureslave to a wealthy Thirskan Underlord.

Finding himself surrounded by his own people once more, he should have been happy, yet they are not how he remembers them. Distrustful and disgusted by his relationship with not one man but two, they make it abundantly clear Kai no longer fits in.

Beaten, starved, and tortured, when the chance comes to escape, Kai is barely strong enough to make the journey. Even if he succeeds, how could anybody ever love the thing he’s become in order to survive?


Even though this review is in our Kink month, there is no sex in this story. But I could not skip this book without there being confusion on the storyline.
We left the first book, The Slave, with a cliffhanger, and The Soldier picks up right where it left off. After walking for 18 hours Kai is faced with being a prisoner by his own people. Yet he is more concerned with Master and Tam’s wellbeing than his own. There are several scenes of violence against the 3, the worst being heaped on Kai. To add insult to injury he is now considered less than dirt by his own people. He is given the opportunity to step outside the walls and could escape, yet all he can think of is getting help to facilitate a rescue.
Most of the story consists of Kai trying to convince everyone that he means what he says, and his perseverance to reach the help to free his Master and Tam. During all of this he finally accepts that he wants to stay right where he is in the relationship with Master and Tam, even though he is damaged.
We get more of an idea of the larger story as different scenes play out. Is Master the lost prince? Is his son the next in line for the throne? Once Master and Tam is rescued, where do the 3 of them go from there?

5 of 5 stars



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