Kink Month: Saving Sebastian (Custos Securities #3) by Luna David

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Gideon McCade—weighed down by memories of his previous life as a Navy SEAL and a CIA agent—has blood on his hands. He turns to his BDSM club, Catharsis, and Dominating submissives to get him through the daily grind of civilian life. Knowing his past is too much to inflict on a life partner, he keeps his connections brief and superficial. When his former life comes back to haunt him, his desire for revenge pulls him back into the shadows, darkening his hopes for a future in the light.

Temporarily sidelining his career as a tattoo artist, Sebastian Phillips works as a composite artist for the local police department. To alleviate the inescapable burden of a congenital medical condition, he immerses himself in his art and seeks the catharsis of submission. But with life weighing heavily on his shoulders and darkness encroaching, he yearns for a contract with a Dominant that sees past the protective barriers he’s erected to the vulnerable submissive within.

When happenstance brings Gideon and Sebastian together, their connection is undeniable. The knowledge that they are both too damaged to form permanent bonds of love causes them to rely on an impersonal contract to fulfil their physical needs. But staying emotionally detached becomes impossible, and breaking their contract seems the only option. Will Gideon’s need for vengeance and Sebastian’s declining health destroy what’s grown between them, or will they help each other find their way back into the light


Saving Sebastian can be read as a standalone book. I had not read the previous two books before starting this one and I didn’t feel like I had missed out on any dynamics between the main characters and other characters.

So hot. I’m a sucker for a strong caring Alpha Dom and Gideon hits the spot. Sebastian is strong and fragile at the same time you just want to hug and protect him, though he’d hate that! Great combination of a suspense drama where Gideon is out to catch the guy who killed his platoon and the evolving BDSM relationship with Sebastian. The story told in the two different points of view, Sebastian’s and Gideon’s worked really well for me. It gave me a better depth of understanding of Gideon and Sebastian.

Gideon believes that his former life makes him unsuitable for a relationship and holds back. Sebastian has health issues and similarly does not feel he could have a full relationship. They agree to enter into a temporary without knowing about each other’s past. The secrets they carry from their past and present miscommunications pulls their relationship apart and it makes compelling reading. The D/S scenes between them are sublimely erotic. Luna David has created such detailed scenes of tenderness, control and seductive beauty that it was hard to put down. Through both Gideon and Sebastian’s personal and D/S the journey together we see them grow, facing their demons both apart and together. Sebastian’s health makes Gideon re-evaluate his feelings for Sebastian. I found this part particularly well written with such insight and understanding. Usually in a story I find myself drawn to one main character over the other but in this book I found both Gideon and Sebastian equally compelling.

There is a lot of details in this book and I have the feeling that it will still feel fresh each time I read it. One of the best BDSM books I’ve read. Books one and two are now on my reading list.

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