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Kink Month: Quillon’s Covert by Joseph Lance Tonlet

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Martin is a guy’s guy, one who enjoys the simple things in life: baseball games with his son, family days, barbecues, and date nights with his lovely wife.

Once a year for two weeks, Martin takes his son, Marty, to Quillon’s Covert, a rustic family cabin secluded in the beautiful California mountains. Since before those long days of learning to play ball, Marty has loved his dad, but as Marty matures, Martin starts to see something else settle in his son’s uncertain gaze. What’s there lingers a little more than it should, and it seems far more appraising than it once was.

As Marty shows every sign of taking the lead, Martin is faced with the tough choices most parents never see: lose his son by being a father, or try to balance what’s best for their relationship by being something… more.

But with another trip to Quillon’s Covert on the horizon, has the point of no return already begun?


Ok, before I can write this review, you need to know two things about me:
1. I am a bit of a perv. I love kink, I love dark reads, I love taboo reads. Pain, water sports, humiliation, pet play, non con and dub con? I say: Bring it!
2. I am (not so) secretly in love with Joseph Lance Tonlet

Despite of the above facts, I have been avoiding this book for ages, ever since it came out actually. Because it turns out, I actually do have a limit, and that limit was incest… or so I thought, anyway…
I still agreed to read this book, in order of our kink month, as I had it sitting on my shelf and being in love with the author, I just couldn’t NOT read it, right? So, I girded my loins and started to read…
And, phew… ok. At first I had a bit of an ick factor going on. The book starts out when Marty (the son) is a young teen, and since I knew what would happen later in the book, I couldn’t help to let that color my reading experience and the way I viewed Martin’s (the father) actions. Except, few pages in, I realized I wasn’t being fair, because there was absolutely nothing icky about Martin’s behavior towards his son. He was a great dad, loving, caring and affectionate and nothing else!
Some people will probably still get offended by the first couple of chapters in the book though, as Martin and his son are nudists when at the cabin. And for some reason nudity between children and adults are an absolute no go in today’s society. Which is kind of weird, when you think about it. Nudity isn’t inherently sexual, it only becomes sexual if your feelings towards the other person are sexual. Which Martin’s decidedly are not, towards his son.
But if you make it through that first nudity taboo, you’ll find a very engrossing and enjoyable story about love in all it’s different forms

The move from a platonic father son relationship into a sexual one actually happens quite gradually and organically, in a way that makes it seem quite “normal”, for lack of a better word. I was actually very well done. The love and affection was already there, so was the intimacy, the lust and desire came later. And this being a Joseph Lance Tonlet novel, you can always count on the sexy times being both steamy and a bit kinky… phew… This story gaves us everything from slow and tender loving, to rough fucking, sprinkled with a bit of bondage, spanking and dirty talk! Yum!

The ending suited me perfectly, I was a bit worried at one point, about how this would conclude, but I liked it. It may not work for all readers though and aside from the incest taboo, readers should be aware that both MCs are cheating on their respective partners at points in the book. Not something that really bothered me, but I know it’s a big NO for many readers.

All in all, very well done incest romance, hot and sweet. Would recommend.

4 of 5 stars


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