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Kingsley (Kennedy Ink. #2) by Jenny Wood

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I thought letting loose for a night would be a good thing. He was cute and lived close by, why not?
I didn’t plan to fall for his boyfriend…
The boyfriend that I didn’t know he had….
The boyfriend that caught us together, asleep on his couch….
The boyfriend that had cancer.
I also didn’t expect to go back and explain myself the next day….
Or to run into him a few days later; seeing him sick and alone….
But I did…
I did all those things, and now the more time I spend with him,
the more time I want…
I just need him to stop pushing me away….
I need him to get better….
I need him to survive….
I just need him….

Kingsley’s story is book #2 in this series of Kennedy Ink.
It contains strong language and adult situations.

(Don’t worry. I’m a sucker for a happily ever after)


Oh man, did I worry about starting this book. I saw the preview and saw what Kingsley had said to Kayson at the hospital and I knew – just knew – it was gonna be rough.

Well – it was. But it was also really, really beautiful. I thought that it might be … difficult – to either trust that there would be a happy ending or to really believe that there was even an issue to begin with – but she did it! I was really sad and worried – the author did a tremendous job of making me feel for both Kingsley and Morgan (great name –eh?). At the same time – I knew she said it ended well so I could be was just as optimistic as they were.

While I thought the author did a great job of showing the isolation and loneliness such an illness can bring, it didn’t drag down the story. I did think she was maybe a little optimistic in the sex department – but I appreciated that she gave us that intimacy with them as well.

I absolutely adore these two brothers and I can’t wait for Jody’s story. This was so, so good!

(I’m going to deduct a ½ star for editing and grammar and spelling – there were just so many mistakes that I can’t ignore it – but I’m hopeful that she’ll find a great editor who can help her wonderful stories be that much better!)

4.5 of 5 stars


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