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Kanan (Gillham Pack Book 25) by Catherine Lievens

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Since he was rescued from the lab he’d been locked up in, Kanan hasn’t been living—he’s been surviving. He can’t trust anyone, not completely, and it’s easier to hide away in his room, away from life.

Titus lost everything—his father, his tribe, his best friend. He knows Jarah and Neriah did the right thing, taking the tribe away from him, but it doesn’t make accepting that any easier. Yet when Jarah asks him for help, he decides he’ll do what he has to do to keep his best friend and the pack where some of his old tribe members live safe, even if that includes killing the Los Angeles pack’s alpha.

Kanan never expected to meet his mate, not when he spends so much of his time in his room. But when he meets Titus in the woods, he knows he can’t hide away from their bond—and he doesn’t want to. Will he manage to get through the anger Titus has shrouded himself in? And will Titus find a way to break the thick walls Kanan built around his heart?


Every couple in this series seems to be damaged in some way, yet the author has been able to tell their story to make it unique to them. A red panda who was taken prisoner and given to an experimental lab, tortured and survived with horrible scars and a Nyse that had been brow beaten by his father on who he should grow up to be.

I loved how understanding Kanan was about Titus’ past. That the influence of his father followed him even after the man was dead. That he was willing to give him the chance to change who he thought he was so they could mate. And I loved how Titus only saw how strong his mate was to survive what he went through even though Kanan thought that he was damaged goods.

A nice afternoon read with a feel good ending.

4 out of 5 stars


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