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Jase (Kennedy Ink. #4) by Jenny Wood

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Jase is home from college and is nervous to tell his family that he’s wanting to stay home for good.
Stopping by the shop on his way into town, he meets the new guy; Joker.
Quiet, mysterious and ridiculously gorgeous; he doesn’t seem to like Jase, too much.
Or does he?

Fresh out of prison and trying to start his life over as an adult, he finds work at the shop with the Kennedy’s
and their fella’s. Little brother Jase comes home for the summer and everything Joker is working to rebuild is
threatened… Especially when Jody finds out where he’s been and why….

Love em’ or hate em’… this is Jase and Joker’s story…

No cheating, no cliffhanger, HEA or HFN, more to come 🙂


This is another excellent series! I love the hurt/comfort we get in Jenny Wood’s stories. Jase, we met earlier, is back from college, but still feeling at loose ends and like he still doesn’t quite trust that he has family or a home. Joker has a very, very sad story to tell and his life has shaped him, as well.

Unlike some of the others in this series, this wasn’t quite as tear-jerking, though it does have it’s moments.

I also didn’t feel as connected to Joker and Jase as I did previous couples – but I get the sense there’s more of these two to come – and maybe that will help.

I didn’t love this as much as the others in this series, but I still enjoyed it a lot. I still think the author needs a good editor as there are still a distracting amount of grammatical errors.

While you can probably read this as a standalone, I really think this story needs the background from previous books to really give it substance, so I don’t recommend you read this without having read the other Kennedy Ink books.

4 of 5 stars


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