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I was fortunate enough to meet Greg Tremblay at this year’s GRL in San Diego.  He’s an amazingly sweet and talented man.  While I was talking with him he gave me a glimpse of just how skilled he is as a voice actor by slipping easily in and out of a variety of voices.  It’s eery – like talking to Jae and Ichi having them in the same room.  Their voices are so unique and their speech patterns such that you’d think it would take him a bit to “get in character” but he just slips in and out like changing coats!  I was floored!  Anyhow, he was also talking a little about his process and his relationship with Rhys Ford and her “Dirty” series – The Cole McGinnis Mystery Series.  I asked if he’d be willing to answer a few questions for me and from that discussion I give you this nearly 45 minute phone interview we shared. (Please ignore the obvious nerves and fan-girling you might catch on my side of the conversation – Greg was amazing!)

I want to express my most sincere gratitude to Greg for his time and talent and also give a nod to Rhys Ford for her body of work and her amazing talent and for Dreamspinner for their blending of their respective geniuses.  Thank you!

I can’t wait for the last Cole McGinnis book and it’s audio companion!

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Thank you for a fabulous interview, it was both entertaining and enlightening! Needless to say I am a huge audiobook fan (“addict” is probably the correct term ?), and Greg is one of my favourite narrators and I was thrilled to meet and talk with him at GRL. Yep, and I totally fangirled him! ☺️

Greg Tremblay is one of my favourite narrators! And audiobooks have been a blessing for me! Going from reading maybe 1-2 books a year (because I always had trouble reading) and just scraping by understanding English (I have always had trouble with languish I even almost failed my own native languish, Swedish, in school) too “reading” average 1,5-2 books a day and have a much greater understanding of English and can watch English films without text (something that always distracted me and made it hard to follow what was happening on the screen).
And audiobooks also helps my ADD-brain to focus on other tasks (like driving a car or cleaning at home or anything that’s not involves reading.
It was a real treat to listen to the interview and get a bit of a “behind the scene” experience (even if it was done a few years back but google is your friend ;)).

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