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In a Fix (Torus Intercession #2) by Mary Calmes


How can a man unaware of his own worth ever hope to value anyone else…

Croy Esca is a fixer at Torus Intercession, paid to guard, advocate for, and help those in need of the services his boss, Jared Colter, provides. But that doesn’t mean he’s willing to expend the energy to invest himself in the people he’s assigned to help. Professionally, Croy goes in, gets the job done, and doesn’t allow for anything that might resemble interest—which mirrors the way he handles his personal life as well. He’s been described as aloof, apathetic, and incapable of feeling anything approaching empathy despite his boss’s continual mentoring.

Those lessons aren’t easily learned, though, when you’ve been taught that you’re expendable.
When Croy is assigned to act as bodyguard to a billionaire during a long weekend trip to Las Vegas, he expects another in and out job made all the more tedious by the company he’ll be keeping, and his loathing of Sin City. What he ends up with, however, is far more than he bargained for.

FBI Special Agent Dallas Bauer is good at what he does, some might even say he’s consumed by his work, to the point of insomnia and at the cost to anything resembling a full life. Hit it and quit it is Dallas’s grind. Then Croy Esca comes crashing into his life, and it doesn’t take long before he’s struck by how desperate he is to make sure the fixer doesn’t become the one that got away.

When Croy’s assignment evolves into something so much more dangerous and complicated than he could have ever predicted, and his and Dallas’s lives collide, the fixer finds himself in a fix. One Croy is not altogether sure he wants to escape.


So, lately I’ve not enjoyed Mary’s work, but I am always going to read her because some of my all time favorite books are Mary’s and I’m ever hopeful 

This was definitely one of the better ones I’ve read from her in a while.

Sure, it has a lot of Mary hallmarks – pea coats, clueless men who sweet talk all the women in the story, unrealistic crime, lots and lots of details that don’t always make the story better. But – it also has some really adorable main characters – I cannot wait for Locryn’s story! – and it moves along really quickly.

I am actually a big fan of her insta-love – in this case it really worked – and it’s tons better than the stories where the MCs are together forever before figuring it out or -gasp- are together then apart for years! (Yes, I’m talking about Jory and Sam- I can’t let that go.)

I didn’t love book 1 but this doesn’t really have much to do with any of those characters, so you’ll be fine if you only read this.

4 of 5 stars

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