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Hunter’s Hope (Avanti Chronicles Book 9) by Hannah Walker

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An outing takes a dangerous turn when the life of a little one is nearly lost and traps are discovered littering clan lands. Hunter, Tir, and the clan travel to all corners of Derin land, determined to face the threats and remove the men responsible for them.
Even his fabled Avanti training may not be enough to prepare Hunter for a new enemy. It will take every skill he possesses—physical and mental—to overcome what lies ahead.
With one of their own missing, and dangers closing in on all sides, help comes from a surprising source.
The men set out on both a rescue mission and quest to seek out those who are intent on destroying them. With a determination borne of desperation, they use everything in their arsenal to complete their mission.
Unsure who they can trust, the men fight not only for love and survival, but also everything they hold dear.


I will start off by saying that I have a prejudice for this series. I have read all the previous books and have been waiting impatiently for this book to come out. I was not disappointed!
Hannah Walker has created a world with such depth and intricacy that you can easily see all the amazing detail of the landscape and it’s inhabitants.
I will warn you, that this book is part of a series and although each book has a happy ending there are several storylines running constantly through all the books. That said, Hunter’s Hope focuses on Hunter, an Avanti warrior and “offworlder” and Tir, a Chieftain of the Derin Clan. It includes family, both young children, brothers in arms and close friends.
Ms. Walker weaves a story that pulls you in from the start. As you watch the characters react and deal with the very stressful situations they find themselves in, you get caught up rooting for the good guys to win. When Hunter and Tir get together – their love and compassion for each other is so touching!
This story has everything, Love, Conflict, self-doubt, compassion, mystery and much more. The intimate scenes are well done and the love and respect each has for the other is wonderful.
For me this is definitely a 6 star rating!


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