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Holidays: Twinkle Star by Nicki James

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Meet The Cast

Julian – Desert Dreams stagehand. Sexy, tall, manly, and deeply closeted. Age, 35.

Twinkle Star – Over-the-top, vibrant, and flamboyant actor. Age, 25.

It’s the last show of the season before Julian gets a much needed Christmas break… What could go wrong?
When diva actor Twinkle Star makes his appearance… life for Julian may never be the same.
Julian’s life demands subtlety, but when your secret is Twinkle Star, things get complicated.


A closeted gay man falls for a diva called Twinkle Star. Just imagine how while working together. Julian tries to hide it from everyone else on the cast and crew of the small theater, but mostly from himself.
The author did a good job of telling the story. She set it up to happen in a 2week window and each chapter is the next day. You just feel for Julian. He has hidden all of his life. Sawyer, Twinkle Star, couldn’t hide if he tried. As things progress through the story Julian wants to be a better man, but it takes 2 major events to finally get him to admit to himself and his friends and colleagues he is gay.
The sexy times were plentiful and hot!

4 of 5 stars


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