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Holidays: Kid Christmas Rides Again by Eric Arvin

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These are the epic adventures of Kid Christmas! The unthinkable has
happened: the Jolly Old Elf himself keeled over, and the Committee to
Oversee the Christening of Kringle (COCK) had to find a replacement. Enter
the Kid: a lot more fit, a little less clumsy, and quite a sight in that
tight red uniform. His mission to deliver Christmas around the world is
threatened as he fights the evil Snow Globes, but all is not lost as he
escapes traps, finds love (and more love, and more love) with Johnny
Longjohns, and stops at a disco on his quest to reclaim his magic sled,
the Claus 3000. Hold on tight: this humorous romp may have you spitting
your eggnog!


A Christmas story like no other, Kid Christmas Rides Again is an erotic
comedy with a decidedly Christmas theme. After the sudden death of Santa
Claus, a hunky young Gingerbread house guard is appointed the new Claus.
Kid is soon kidnapped by the wicked Snow Globes (a well hung snowman) who
plans to replace Kid and destroy Christmas.
Kid then sets out on a quest to foil Snow Globe’s evil plans but finds
himself aided and distracted by numerous unusual sexual adventures from an
attack by an army of ice dildos, abominable snowmen, sexy love interest
Johnny Longjohns and a entire disco full of horny men. The story is full
of hilarious Christmas themed atmosphere and enhanced by sexy X-rated full
color illustrations peppered through the story.

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