Holidays: A Christmas Hex By: Jordan L. Hawk Narrated by: Tristan James

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Roland knows he will never find love. Everyone views wolf familiars like himself as dangerous beasts, unable to rein in their savage impulses. He’s resigned himself to his fate—or so he thinks, until he meets the dashing Augustus Cao. His witch.
Gus is on the trail of a gang of thieves, and Roland holds an important clue. Even though they can never bond, Roland can’t pass up the opportunity to spend a night with his witch.Can Roland conceal his secret, while helping Gus catch the thieves? Or will the handsome detective be the one to steal his heart?


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Another tremendously sweet, full of magic and adventure, wonderful story from Jordan L Hawk’s hexworld!
I think I love the variety of familiars the best. They’re not quite just shifters but they have those elements. I thought it was a lovely tool, the way the author used the bias against wolves as a way to demonstrate another type of bigotry. It’s all the same, no matter the originating belief.
Jordan is an amazing writer and this was really fun!
Highly recommended to fans of the series, but I’d read them in order to really enjoy this, though it could probably(?) be read on it’s own.

5 of 5 stars


Listening to this reminded me of watching old Christmas movies or detective shows from the 50s – black and white – full of grit and sort of noir. Tristan James hit the tone spot on! He gave the thugs this fabulous New York accent and managed to convey the hodge podge of accents that are Roland and Gus. He was melodramatic and perfect! I was entranced! This is a wonderful story and so good for the season! Highly recommended!

6 of 5 stars

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