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His Prince (House of Maedoc #2) by Mary Calmes

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Jason Thorpe was content living a quiet life in New Orleans. He and his best friend Ode opened their cozy curios shop in the French Quarter, and he was making some new, albeit interesting, friends….

Then Jason met Varic Maedoc, the prince of the vampyrs, and his life changed forever.

Named the prince’s consort, Jason quickly became the most important subject in the vampyr realm, the man who holds the wolf of Maedoc’s heart—a position that comes with certain obligations and no small amount of influence. Theirs is a partnership of love and a lifetime commitment, but that bond is about to be tested when Varic must return to court and Jason accompanies him.

The king’s court in Malta is unlike anything Jason could have imagined. Amidst the luxury and decadence of the palace is an air of danger and intrigue he is unprepared for, further complicated by new friends and allies who may not be what they seem. To stand beside and protect Varic, Jason must use every weapon in his arsenal to uncover a plot to usurp the king and reveal the identities of those who would see Jason dead before accepting him as their consort.

His single greatest asset is the love of his prince, but even that may not be enough to save Jason’s life.


So, I didn’t love His Consort, but I enjoyed it. Mary admits she loves world building and she definitely continues in this.

There are entire sections devoted to explaining side characters’ lives who don’t even make it to the end of the story. It’s got Mary’s “formula” – One alpha male, one clueless, loveable, big hearted male, the women who adore said big-hearted guy, the mysterious words, the separate nature of the two “lovers”, lots of aggressive sex and then some bad guys.

What surprised me was the sheer number of times Jason almost gets killed. Who is this guy, Jory?

Varic is pretty much a non-entity for most of the story. “I’m sorry Jason – you almost got killed. I swear we won’t be apart again. Forgive me.” Then, next chapter. “Ok, no really, Jason, I mean it. I won’t ever leave you alone, you’re far too precious and fragile.” Then, next chapter. “Ok for REALS, we are not going to part – EVER – what? Another meeting? Sure, Jason you stay here, I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

I think Jason nearly buys it 5 times. There is a lot of sadness. The King and his whole lot are pretty gross. Sorry. But they are. I couldn’t get too involved in their story because they’re all kind of a-holes who sleep with whoever they want and are pretty snobbish. Sure, I can get behind historical changes and blood lines etc – but I still didn’t like them.

It felt a lot – to me – like her Change of Heart series. You could sub out Jason and Varic for Jin and Logan and Domin and Mikhail for Gideon and Zev. (Poor Gideon – GAH!)

Anyhow – it was entertaining in that way that something comfortable is entertaining if not earth shattering.

3 of 5 stars

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