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Here and There (Omega Wolves #3) By Willa Okati


As the captain of a fishing vessel, Alpha wolf Dominic considers himself married to his work. That’s always been enough for him — he’s never been interested in a family. Until he meets Sawney.

Though he’s always wanted pups, Omega physician Sawney is committed to his practice and his patients. He’s never made time for a mate. But as he gets older he’s finding it harder to resist the demands of his body. When he meets Dominic, his urges catch fire and breeding with the Alpha is all he can think about.

Dominic proposes they strike a deal. He can give them both what they want, no strings attached. One pup, a good friendship, and all parties satisfied.

Only it’s not quite that easy. Passion and friendship are one thing, but what happens when the “single parents” realize they’re in love?


These are all too short. They have these great MCs, we just get to know them and love them, and then – kapow. It’s over.

On the one hand, I really loved these guys and how their angst really just worked itself out. I loved how they understood the other and how they both just worked together to resolve their issues.

But, on the other hand, beyond some basic “paranormal” mating chemistry, these guys weren’t together enough as a couple for me to buy the ILYs – but I close my eyes and ignore that aspect – and really like them as a couple anyway.

I loved seeing Matthias and Bree again and am glad to see the series overlap a little with other MCs from previous books.

Overall, it was a good addition to the series and if you’ve been enjoying the other books, you’ll enjoy this as well. It’s certainly good as a standalone, but I think read in order is still the best way to go.

3.75 of 5 stars


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