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HEAT RACE by Tanya Chris

It’s been two hundred years since alphas could knot and omegas could get pregnant, since anyone has shifted. Today’s hybrids are more human than wolf, but there’s one tradition they’ve retained from their animal ancestry: the heat race. With omegas in short supply, the annual heat race is every alpha’s chance to catch and claim an omega.
Jack Henry stands at the starting line, undecided. He could conspire to be caught by his best friend and childhood sweetheart, Elias, but would Elias be alpha enough for him? Maybe he’d prefer to be claimed by Saul, the huge and handsome alpha he’s always had a crush on. Then Jasper shows up—a stranger dressed in leather who emits such strong alpha vibes Jack Henry is ready to give himself up before the race even begins. But Jasper’s an unknown entity, whose confidence might be indicative of a desire to control.
Jack Henry can’t decide, and so he runs, turning his fate over to fate itself as he’s pursued by all three of his suitors plus the one alpha he can’t abide—Lon, a violent and regressive man who won’t take no for an answer. Jack Henry is going to need more than one alpha to keep him safe. And to keep him satisfied.
During a long night of danger and triumph, the Treehouse Pack is formed. But beyond the heat race lies an uncertain future. Jack Henry, Elias, Saul, and Jasper might each face their own insecurities, fight their own fights, and find their place in the pack as they navigate uncharted waters together. Because it turns out that legendary abilities like knotting, shifting, and child bearing might be more than just relics of the past.
Heat Race is a full-length M/M/M/M reverse harem omegaverse story, separate from the Omega Reimagined world.


When John Henry enters the Heat race, he tries to decide just who of his friends that he wants to catch him but soon there is another contender adding to John Henry’s choices. Adding to the chaos there is another alpha who has his sights on John Henry and is not ready to take no for an answer. Can the three alphas find a way to work together to keep John Henry safe and just what will the three do once he is safe?

John Henry and his mates bring readers an endearing story about finding and fighting for love. Each of these four men are strong in their own way and together they are unstoppable. The three alphas have come together because of their love for one omega but soon they find that the bond stretches to one another as well and that love knows no bounds. Saul, Jasper and Elias all have their own demons to fight but with the others to lean on they are able to face them. As the four struggle to figure out just how they all fit together they must find a way to keep John Henry safe. I loved seeing the bonds form between all of the men and the growing they each did added nicely to the story. I also enjoyed the many different reactions included in this book from the families and the towns people. We see that not everything goes as planned and that the strength of love will always help you heal and move forward.

4 stars out of 5


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