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He Needed A Hero (Unlikely Heroes #2) by Jenny Wood



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After a life-changing injury sends him home and ends his career; Josh agrees to temporarily move in with Alvin and Carter (from book 1), Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, learning to walk again with his brand new prosthesis, takes some time to adjust. When the small and broken man from the cafe run’s into him by accident, it leads to a run-in that Josh is ashamed of the second he leaves.

Teddy is the small, broken cafe worker that accidentally runs into the big, brooding man with the cane. With an embarrassing and painful encounter between the two and an abusive uncle furthering said injury; its just the way things go in “The Life Of Teddy Valentine.”
Feeling guilty for the way he snapped at the small guy; Josh decides to pay him another visit taking Carter with his as a buffer. One thing leads to another and the hits just keep on coming for Teddy. Will it be enough drama for Josh to throw in the towel or will Teddy end up finding his hero?

*This book does contain strong language and sexual situations between men* You’re welcome 😉


We met Josh in book 1. He’s Alvin’s friend who ended up losing his leg in the military. He’s now living with Carter and Alvin and struggling with life “outside”.

Teddy is a super small guy who has been beat up by his step father and now biological uncle all his life. Only his gran has been there for him and now he’s sick. So when he meets another big guy, his first instinct is to run!

The hurt/comfort in this book is AWESOME! Teddy NEEDS someone to help him so much and Josh needs to help someone just as much.

There isn’t a lot of smexy times in this, but what is included feels right.

While I would have loved to see more about how their relationship moved (everything happened so fast and in big time jumps) I loved seeing Teddy be strong and supported. I wasn’t sure how he ends up working where he does, I might have missed that somewhere, but I was so glad for him.

The villains in this story are a little OTT, and that’s my only real complaint. (There are still a lot of grammar and editing mistakes, but it seems that they’re improving.) I didn’t completely buy the uncle’s relationship to Teddy under his gran’s house – why would gran allow that to happen? But, that’s not really important given that she’s in the hospital or the home for most of the story.

I’m finding a lot of rewarding comfort in this series and recommend them to people looking for a warm hug of a book.

4.25 of 5 stars


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