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Hacking the Assassin (Wolves of Stoneridge # 19.5 ) by Charlie Richards


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Out of the Cage: Sometimes a little mystery is the jumpstart a low battery needs.

Jared Templeton spent a good portion of his adult life as an assassin before going straight. Well, sort of straight. He did leave that line of work for a man, after all. Not just any man, though. Jared’s partner, Carson Angeni, is a wolf shifter. A man who can turn into that animal at will. He’s part of a whole pack of men who can do the same. Essentially, Jared traded one life of secrets for a whole different one, and he guards them jealously. When someone tampers with his computer, Jared goes on the hunt, fearing his past has finally caught up with him. Can Jared track down the perpetrator before whoever it is endangers those he cares about?


This is a super short and WONDERFUL little ficlet written for last year’s GRL. In it – my TWO FAVORITE guys in the series get some more on page action.

Jared is confused by a picture found on his computer – he thinks he’s unhackable but here lies evidence to the contrary.

Carson is out playing with his pack while Jared hunts down the perp.

When the couple meet back up – it’s all the explosive sex you could want – Carson and Jared style!

I absolutely love this couple and adored this little ficlet!

If you haven’t read it you can find it for free on Charlie’s website.

5 of 5 stars


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