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Guest Post With Kate McMurray author of Greek Tycoon’s Green Card Groom!

13106711_10156802171995414_1691349163_oOS: Welcome Kate, thanks for stopping by!

KM: Thanks for having me!


OS:  Kate, do you have anything you want to share with us – something that let’s us get to know you a bit better?

KM:  How about comfort reads?


I find that when life gives me lemons, I want to read romance novels, and the more escapist, the better. What’s more escapist that a category romance, a short trope-y book with a guaranteed happy ending?

Romance, and particularly category romance, gets a bad rap for being ridiculous or formulaic. While it’s true that category romances have a specific formula, to me that’s part of the appeal. There’s a certain amount of predictability that’s comforting.

Category romances are also generally books that take us into other universes, ones where everyone is beautiful and rich. Many take place in far-flung locations and involve billionaires and/or royalty. The plots can be over the top, but in the hands of a skilled writer, still totally plausible. People meet under unusual circumstances, get swept off into exotic locations, and fall in love and live happily ever after.

So when I decided to write a category romance of my own, I decided to set it in a New York City I can only aspire to. There are fancy parties—including one at a yacht club—and men in tuxedos, and even a scene where the love interest descends the staircase and the hero realizes there’s more here than he first thought. I wanted to capture the magic of the classic Harlequin novels, but put my own spin on the story, too. So there are twists, of course.

But if romance is the literature of hope, then what is more hopeful than two souls brought together by unusual circumstances finding comfort in each other? My category novel has an old Harlequin style title (The Greek Tycoon’s Green Card Groom) which may turn off some readers, but I’m coming at this book from a place of love for those old books and the good feelings they bring in rough times.

OS:  I completely agree!  Romance is SO hopeful!  Thanks for sharing that 🙂



Marriage gets less convenient when love is involved.

It started simple: Ondrej Kovac marries Archie Katsaros so Ondrej can stay in the US, away from his judgmental family in eastern Europe. Archie marries Ondrej in exchange for the money to bail out his failing company. It’s a fraud neither man is convinced he can pull off.

But as Archie introduces Ondrej to New York society and Ondrej proves his skill in the office, they start to discover a connection between them. Can they overcome the rocky foundation their relationship was built on, meddling immigration agents, gossip columnists determined to out their deception, and an aggressive executive set on selling Archie’s company out from under him? Only if they can prove to each other their love is worth fighting for.





Kate McMurray is an award-winning romance author and an unabashed romance fan. When she’s not writing, she works as a nonfiction editor, dabbles in various crafts, and is maybe a tiny bit obsessed with base­ball. She has served as President of Rainbow Romance Writers and is currently the president of the New York City chapter of RWA. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.





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