Guest Post: Louise Collins for Wanting the Wolfman

I’m Louise Collins currently promoting my shifter-romance Wanting the Wolfman. Below is an exclusive excerpt of Joel coming face to face with Guy, the man within the wolf.
Man, and wolf, but definitely not a werewolf. Don’t call them a werewolf…

Can love be more than a memory?

Three years ago, an attack cost Joel his leg… and his memories. Though he was told a dog he’d befriended savaged him, he has one hazy recollection: the stunning silver eyes of a wolf… or maybe a man. Desperate for the truth, he struggles back into the woods where his life changed in search of his animal friend.
When he finds the wolf who has stalked his thoughts, he demands it reveal its true form, and he meets Guy, the man within the wolf. Guy is guarded, but the wolf knows Joel belongs with them, and gradually, Guy can only agree. Things fall into place, but then Joel inadvertently exposes the man and the wolf he’s coming to love.
Guy and the wolf are forced to flee, but can Joel follow?
Cover designer: Alexandria Corza

Exclusive Excerpt
A werewolf. He was kneeling before one with his hands still pressed together, turning white from pressure. The miracle he’d begged for had materialized mere meters away. The man didn’t move; he stood with his chest puffed out. His muscles were defined, and his height and width screamed power and dominance. He was at one with his nakedness, didn’t hide any of his body or shy away from Joel’s appreciative gaze. Everything about him was huge and sculpted, and seeing someone so at ease with himself had Joel feeling small.
The man stood like a gladiator being inspected for sale. His hair was the same black as the wolf, and his sideburns led down into a bristly beard. Water clung to him, ran down his face, and dripped from the tip of his beard, but he didn’t swipe. Small streams trickled along his muscles, and the glossy sheen of wetness had Joel thinking of every fitness model he had ever seen. The eyes were what floored Joel more than the physical attributes. The silver irises beamed from his face, framed by thick black lashes. One look from those eyes, and Joel shivered, hypnotized into staring back.
“You’re a-a werewolf?”
The man’s lids came down and hid the pulsating silver, and his forehead wrinkled for a few seconds. Then he relaxed into a laugh.
“Not sure about ‘werewolf.’”
The man had transformed before Joel’s very eyes, and yet he was denying it and laughing just like everyone else. Joel was always a joke, a punch line, even to the werewolf in the woods.
Joel stumbled to his feet. “Don’t laugh at me!”
The smile spreading the man’s lips stopped, and he blinked a few times, tracking the ground at his feet.
“I saw you change. I remember; you’re a werewolf. All those times in the forest, it was really a man I saw.”
The man sighed tiredly. “My name is Guy. This is the second time we’ve met, but the wolf you’re more familiar with.”
Joel pinched the top of his nose. “You are the wolf—”
“No, I am not. We are separate personalities forced to live in the same body. I don’t control him; he doesn’t control me. We have two different identities. Our body is unique, can change to accommodate the correct personality, but we are not a werewolf.”

Author Bio:
Louise lives in not-so-sunny London. When she’s not guzzling cups of sugary tea or braving the dreary weather, she’s usually found daydreaming stories. A lover of romance, she believes it’s better with a little angst and obstacles along the way.
She loves dogs, particularly the wolfy-looking kind, which explains her love of werewolf and shifter novels.

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