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Guest Post: JL Langley with My Fair Captain

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Hi everyone! I’m J.L. Langley. First let me say, I’m really happy to be here and I’d like to thank Open Skye Book Reviews for having me. I’m here to talk about re-release of my Sci-Regency series. Dreamspinner Press has picked the series up and will be releasing all three of the previous books plus three new additions to the series. I’m really excited to be working with Dreamspinner and re-editing the books. My Fair Captain is the first book in the Sci-Regency series and not only has it been extensively re-edited, but I’ve added a few new scenes to the story. I’d like to share with you one of my favorite scenes with some new stuff added. In this scene one of my heroes, Nate, is on his way to Townsend Castle to investigate a stolen weapons cache with his son, Trouble, in tow.

My Fair Captain Excerpt

Gazing out the window at the passing landscape, Nate felt like he’d been transported back in time to his youth. The whole thing seemed surreal—the clothes, the coach, everything. It brought conflicting emotions, and he found himself sitting more rigidly than normal. Whether it was his repressed “lord” surfacing or the assignment, he couldn’t say. The thing was, he’d never been what one would consider a pretentious lord, even when he was one, but this was a role, an acting job. The sooner he figured out who was in on the stolen weapons, the better.
A growl combined with a rustle of fabric brought his attention back inside the lift. He suppressed the urge to smile, knowing Trouble would only take it as encouragement. The kid had been fidgeting and bitching since they’d changed clothes on the space dock three hours earlier.
The pest was trying to gain his sympathy, but it wasn’t working. If Nate had to wear a waistcoat and cravat, so did Trouble. The kid should be thankful Regelence had a nice temperate climate, because there had been days on Englor when it was downright unbearable to be anywhere but lounging at home in the air-conditioning.
Squirming and nearly worming himself off the leather cushions, Trouble made agitated little grunts and groans.
“Stop fidgeting.”
Trouble snorted and fell to his side on the seat. Grabbing the fabric over his thighs, he tugged and wiggled, assumingly trying to ease his britches downward a bit. Soon enough one hand came up, yanking at the neckcloth, followed by melodramatic choking sounds. With much production, the kid finally slithered to the polished wood floor and glared up at Nate.
Nate raised a brow.
“Kill me now.” The pest’s arms flopped to his sides on the floor. His face screwed up, and he closed his eyes on a wail.
Nate’s lip twitched. The kid really did have a flair for dramatics—he was quite the drama queen. “What happened to ‘I’m super spy Double-o-Trouble’?”
The pale brows drew together, and one aquamarine eye cracked open. “That was before I was forced to wear smothering clothes. This rains meteors, Hawk.” Trouble clambered from the floor and back onto the seat with a sigh. “These pants are so tight my balls are practically in my throat. Or rather they would be if this noose I have around my neck wasn’t restricting the space in there.” He pulled at the starched white cloth around his collar again. “I don’t see why I have to wear this getup. I’m supposed to be a servant.”
“You’re a valet. How can you be expected to dress me, if you can’t even dress yourself?”
“I didn’t dress you. You dressed me.” He motioned to the cravat that Nate had tied into a cascade. “Why can’t I just go as your son?”
“Because a lord’s son does not flop around on the floor and complain about his unmentionable anatomy being in his throat.”
Trouble’s eyes widened. “Damn, Hawk, you sound like you have a stick up your ass.”
Nate turned back toward the window, studying the vibrant green grassy slopes and trees to keep Trouble from seeing his grin. “Lords don’t mention foreign objects up people’s arses either.”
“Just saying…,” Trouble groused. “Seriously, though, why can’t I just go as your son?”
Nate had considered it, but Carl had stressed that this mission was off the record. “It would take me longer to prepare you to act as a lord than to act as a valet.” Unless things had changed drastically since Nate had lived in a Regency society, the servants were much more forgiving of social faux pas than the aristocracy. Galaxy help him, he didn’t even want to think about Trouble at a ball. No telling what the kid would get up to. He couldn’t dance, which would leave socializing, and Trouble left to socialize? That was a scary thought. Their cover would be blown in a matter of minutes. Nate probably should’ve made him stay with Carl, but he already felt guilty about having to leave Trouble for an entire year after their vacation was up. And he was definitely not looking forward to that conversation. Running his hand down his beard, Nate looked back at Trouble. “If you can stay out of mischief and not talk about your balls or things in people’s asses, we’ll go do something fun after we get done here.”
Trouble perked right up and let go of his cravat, gaining perfect posture in an instant. “We’re not going to stay here the whole month?”
“I certainly hope not.”
“Can we go to the beach? We can swim and go surfing and….” His mouth opened wide, forming an O, and then he clenched his fists and waved them as he bounced in his seat. “No, wait! Let’s go hunting.”
“You want to shoot animals?” Last he’d heard, Trouble had an aversion to shooting “cute fuzzy creatures.” Except for birds. He had no love for birds after one crapped on his head when they’d gone mountain climbing last year.
“No. I just want to shoot fraggers and blow shit up.”
Nate groaned.
“Ohh, wait. I got it. We can combine the two. We can shoot things on the beach.”
He leveled a stare at Trouble.
“Whaaat?” Holding out his arms, Trouble somehow managed to appear innocent. “Then we can blow shit up and see half-naked guys.”
Nate shook his head and slashed his hand through the air, hoping to put an end to the conversation. “Watch your mouth. We’ll talk about it later, but only if you—”
Heaving a sigh, Trouble slouched back in the seat and started tugging at his clothes again. “I know, I know. No getting into trouble and no—hey, speaking of things up people’s asses—”
“Trouble,” he warned. He had no idea what the pest was about to say, but it certainly wasn’t the kind of talk the imp should use. It wasn’t at all proper, and he needed to be getting into character. Of course, it was Nate’s own fault, because the kid had been raised around sailors for most of his life.
“Whaaat? I’m just saying…. This is a gay society, right? So, does this mean I can find a boyfriend?”
“No, you may not.”

My Fair Captain Blurb

When Intergalactic Navy Captain Nathaniel Hawkins goes undercover to investigate the theft of an IN weapons stash, the mission raises painful memories from his past. Using a title he fled nearly two decades earlier, Nate once again becomes the Earl of Deverell, heir to the Duke of Hawthorne, in order to navigate the ins and outs of a Regency world. But planet Regelence—where young lords are supposed to remain pure until marriage—has a few surprises for Nate, not least of which is his attraction to Prince Aiden.

A talented artist, Prince Aiden Townsend isn’t interested in politics and the machinations of society gentlemen, and he adamantly rejects the idea of marriage and a consort. Aiden wants the freedom to pursue his art and determine his own future. But the arrival of the dashing and mysterious Deverell awakens feelings of passion and longing the young prince can’t deny.

As Nate uncovers a conspiracy reaching far beyond the stolen weapons, his future is irrevocably altered by the temptations of a life he never thought he could have. Drawn into the web of intrigue, Aiden is in danger of losing his life… and his heart.

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Author Bio:

J.L. Langley said her first words at six months of age. By the time she was a year old, she was talking in complete sentences and, as most of her family and friends will tell you, she hasn’t shut up since. After becoming an accomplished motormouth, J.L. set out to master other avenues of self-expression, including art, and dance.

She attended the University of Texas, where she majored in art, and worked as a dance instructor on the side. Her love of artistic expression in dance landed her a career in which she taught and performed for over twenty-five years. After marriage to her junior high school sweetheart and the birth of their children, J.L. decided to try her hand at writing. To date, she has several successful novels and a handful of novellas to her credit.

She lives in Texas, where she was born and raised, with her real life hero, their rowdy two boys, two even rowdier German Shepherds and ten goldfish, one of which is named Jaws. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found with her nose in a book, appreciating the communication skills of other writers.

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