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Guest Post and Giveaway! Apocalypse Alley by Don Allmon

OS:  Welcome to Don Allmon, author of Apocalypse Alley.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing this deleted scene!

DA: Hello, all! I’m Don Allmon and this week I’ll be touring the web to promote my new book, APOCALYPSE ALLEY, the second in the Blue Unicorn series.


If you’re looking for fast-paced cyberpunk/fantasy romance – Terminator 2 meets Fury Road with two sexy guys and a dragon – this is your jam.


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Deleted Scene: Roadhouse Pool

I rewrote APOCALYPSE ALLEY about a billion times and have at least two books worth of deleted scenes. This one here was supposed to happen sometime after the events of APOCALYPSE ALLEY but before book three, THE BURNING MAGUS. In the end the scene didn’t fit in either book. I still like it though, so wanted to share it anyway.

In this scene, Austin tells JT he wants a three-way so they find a roadhouse and…

Austin liked to watch JT pick out guys. JT always went for the same look (which was never anyone like Austin) and nine times out of ten Austin could guess the man JT would hit up long before JT decided himself.

The look JT went for was the scruffy scrap of a guy. This one was in jeans and work boots and a well-worn service garage shirt (short-sleeved, striped, snaps up the front, stitched-on name tag said “EDGE” in quotes like it was a nickname) and an impressive mane of blond hair bursting corona-like from beneath a greasy ballcap. He was shooting pool. He shot like he’d be dirty in bed.

JT stood at the bar and downed one beer after another. Austin rolled his eyes as JT tried to work up his nerve. And finally when JT did, all he did was walk over and put a token on the table to mark his place in line to play.

“Oh, for Christ’s sake,” Austin said.

“I wanna play,” JT said as if that token meant nothing more than that.

“I thought this was supposed to be my reward for saving your kid.”

“So go find you a guy.”

“I want you to find a guy.”

“Just one game.”

Watching JT flirt you’d wonder how he ever got laid. His idea of showing he was interested was to look away every time the guy caught his eye and blush a lot. The blushing was cute, but only because he was an orc and it wasn’t a thing you’d expect orcs to do. The rest of it just made him look nervous and skittish.

Edge was all about the game. His eyes might have lingered on JT’s arms, but most people’s eyes did, especially someone not used to the size arms your everyday orc could have. But then JT angled for a shot and had to lean against the table to hold himself steady. The box of his baggy jeans pressed against the table’s edge, pushed his junk up and over, made it plain as day what he was packing there. Edge did real live double-take. Not flirting, not yet, just another sensible reaction. But then came the glances up and down JT’s body (which JT didn’t notice); and then came a sunny smile to go along with “good shot” (which JT didn’t notice); and then came “So what’s your name?”


“What’s it stand for?”

“Nothing. Just letters.”

JT dropped the seven in the corner. Edge leaned against the table, a touch closer to JT than he needed to be, shoulders cocked and twirling his stick in his hand, waiting for the inevitable question. JT didn’t ask it.

Ask him, JT. For Christ’s sake, just ask him.

“‘Edge’ is just a nickname,” Edge finally offered.

JT smiled, confused, tusks uneven, and said, “Yeah, I knew that. Quotation marks.” He pointed at the badge. They stood there a second staring at each other as if neither of them could figure out quite what the other was on about.

My God, JT, kiss him. Kiss him. Kiss him, Godfuckit.

JT said, “It’s your shot.”

Oh for fuck’s sake! At the speed of JT, Austin would never get laid.

Four games later and Austin was tired of waiting.

JT bent to break, pulled his cue way back. Austin tossed an old-fashioned bank card in the middle of the felt. JT glared at him. Edge said, “Hey man, that’s not cool.”

Austin told Edge, “If you win this game, there’s two-fifty for you. If my friend wins, he and I get to take you in that back room over there and fuck your brains out.”

Well that got the place quiet.

Edge’s mouth hung open. His eyes wandered everywhere, to the card, to JT (tusks, crotch, and arms), to Austin, back to the card, and around again. “Okay.” He took the card and set it on the rail. “It’s your money.”

JT was still bent over, cue still drawn, still glaring, stubby tusks looking mean. Austin patted him on the shoulder and whispered in his ear: “Go get ’em, tiger.” And then he stepped far enough away his glamour wouldn’t tip the scales, crossed his arms, and watched his little drama unfold.

About Apocalypse Alley


Home from a six-month assignment to war-torn East Asia, genetically engineered supersoldier Noah “Comet” Wu just wants to kick back, share a beer, and talk shit with his best friend, JT. But JT’s home has been shot up like a war zone, and his friend has gone missing.


Comet’s only lead is a smart-mouthed criminal he finds amid the mess. His name’s Buzz Howdy. He’s a con man and a hacker and deserves to be in jail. Or in handcuffs, at least. The only thing the two have in common is JT. Unless you count the steamy glances they’re sneaking at one another. They have those in common too. But that just makes Comet all the more wary.


Despite their mutual distrust, they’ll have to work together to rescue JT before a cyborg assassin gets to him first. Racing down a miserable stretch of road called Apocalypse Alley, they must dodge radioactive spiders, a killer Buick, and rampaging cannibals. They also try to dodge each other. That last bit doesn’t work out so well.


Available now from Riptide Publishing!


About Blue Unicorn


JT is an orc on the way up. He’s got his own boutique robotics shop, high-end clientele, and deep-pocketed investors. He’s even mentoring an orc teen who reminds him a bit too much of himself back in the day.


Then Austin shows up, and the elf’s got the same hard body and silver tongue as he did two years ago when they used to be friends and might have been more. He’s also got a stolen car to bribe JT to saying yes to one last scheme: stealing the virtual intelligence called Blue Unicorn.


Soon JT’s up to his tusks in trouble, and it ain’t just zombies and Chinese triads threatening to tear his new life apart. Austin wants a second chance with JT—this time as more than just a friend—and even the Blue Unicorn is trying to play matchmaker.


Check out the Blue Unicorn universe!


About Don Allmon


In his night job, Don Allmon writes science fiction, fantasy, and romance. In his day job, he’s an IT drone. He holds a master of arts in English literature from the University of Kansas and wrote his thesis on the influence of royal hunting culture on medieval werewolf stories. He’s a fan of role-playing games, both video and tabletop. He has lived all over from New York to San Francisco, but currently lives on the prairies of Kansas with many animals.


Connect with Don:



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Congrats on the release of the second book in the series! Loved “The Glamour Thieves” and will read “Apocalypse Alley” as soon as I have time.

kragthang AT aim DOT com

Congrats, Don, and thanks for the scene. And I’m thankful for the steampunk, the offbeat fantasy, the cool cover, the cussing, and not being confused with sweet romance. Makes this all the more enticing. – Purple Reader,
TheWrote [at] aol [dot] com

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