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Guardian of Magic by Dominique Frost

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When a god falls in love with a mortal, the entire world begins to change.

“Guardian of Magic” is a passionate paranormal romance with a dash of magic.

Brady is a witch without a familiar, which means that he can’t get a witchery license to practice magic professionally. Just when he’s about to give up on his dream job, he finally does get a familiar, but the little black cat that chooses him is far more than it appears.

Brady’s ordinary-seeming familiar is in fact a god in disguise, an ancient guardian of magic named Malachai who has been watching Brady for a long time… and is determined to make Brady his.

When Malachai asks Brady to become his eternal companion, Brady must decide between the freedom of being a mortal or the burden of immortality. Will immortality be worth it for a love that will last forever?


This was absolutely amazing! This is a “new to me” author, but I’m absolutely going to be looking for them in the future!

For me, a book that I can’t put down will capture me right from the start with a premise that has me hoping/wondering from page one. It will also have some humor, probably an underdog, and mix in some magic/powers – booyah! That’s my kind of story.

Since Brady is getting on in years, he’s been shunned for his lack of familiar. However, there’s a lot more to Brady’s story than that. When he meets Malachai he’s so psyched – but… it’s even better than that because Malachai is a God! Talk about getting more than you baragained for.

His being mated to a God has some unprecedented consequences and we get to see him learn and grow magically as well as personally.

This struck all the right notes with me and I highly recommend it!

5 of 5 stars


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