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Gay Rom Lit Retreat 2016

In October we’re headed to Kansas City for the Gay Rom Lit 2016!  This is the list of authors who’ll be going.  We’ve already read (and loved!) so many on this list but there’s always the exciting chance to read (and meet!) someone new.

We’re going to feature GRL authors at least once a week from now on and we’ll include both new and previously read authors.

Feel free to read along with us and let us know your thoughts and if you plan on attending this year, too!

GRL Authors

Featured Authors

Jeff Adams

Arshad Ahsanuddin

Simone Anderson

Bru Baker

Laura Baumbach

Ally Blue

J.P. Bowie

TA Chase

Lex Chase

M.A. Church

Ethan Day

Jenn Dease

Nicole Dennis

Hank Edwards

CJane Elliott

Jeff Erno

Jacob Flores

LE Franks

Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Stormy Glenn

Amelia C. Gormley

Kaje Harper

Riley Hart

Jordan L. Hawk

Lane Hayes

Stephani Hecht

Lisa Henry

Pat Henshaw

Hans M Hirschi

J.K. (Kristen) Hogan

AC Katt

Amber Kell

Wade Kelly

K-lee Klein

Morticia Knight

Tara Lain

Alexa Land

Trina Lane

Catherine Lievens

Lynn Lorenz

Carol Lynne

Ruby MacIntyre

Edmond Manning

Z.A. Maxfield

Kendall McKenna

K.A. Mitchell

Jackie Nacht

Cherie Noel

Jay Northcote

Tempeste O’Riley

Raine O’Tierney

Lisa Oliver

Dean Pace-Frech

Neil Plakcy

Jordan Castillo Price

Carter Quinn

Rick R. Reed

Jaime Reese

Devon Rhodes

Posy Roberts

RJ Scott

P.D. Singer

TM Smith

Tali Spencer

Felice Stevens

Ethan Stone

Victoria Sue

Bellann Summer

Anne Tenino

B.G. Thomas


Deanna Wadsworth

N.R. Walker

K.C. Wells

Eden Winters

Brandon Witt

Anna Zabo

Supporting Authors

Cody Kennedy / Aisling Mancy

J.R. Barten

Meg Bawden

Tina Blenke

Brina Brady

Erica Cameron

Lei Carol

Caraway Carter

J. Scott Coatsworth

Lyssa Dering

Hunter Frost

Avon Gale

Saxon Hawke

DJ Jamison

Jenna Kendrick

Sloane Kennedy

Teegan Loy

Jacey Mills

Carrie Pack

C.S. Poe

E.J. Russell

Jennah Scott

Laurie Terson

Jonathon Treadway

A.J. Truman

Jake (JC) Wallace

Eric Alan Westfall

Christine Wright


First up is a review of by new to me author Deanna Wadsworth and Bear it all – and Stormy Glenn with Midnight Matings – tomorrow!  Then look for Victoria Sue with Eternal Circle on Saturday.

(We are not an official blog for the convention, just folks who gets excited about it and want to read as many authors as we can!)

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I am doing the same thing. I am reading books by the authors I am hoping to meet. It will be my first GRL, although I am only going to the signing. I will be attending the full convention next year.

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