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Friends to Lovers: Wow! (On A Night Like This Book 1) by Sean Kennedy

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Blurb: On a night like this, magic can happen.
Seven couples. Seven stories. One night. A night for love.

Mark is a respectable banker during business hours, but on a Saturday night he becomes the fabulous Allotta Moxie, drag queen extraordinaire. Allotta is everything Mark is not—confident, bold, sassy, and well-loved.
He wishes he had a quarter of her self-assurance, especially when it comes to Joel, the new hire at work. Most men run a mile when they discover Allotta hiding in his closet. She’s a lot to take on. So what will be Joel’s reaction when he meets Allotta for the first time? And more importantly, will Allotta like Joel?


Review: This is a really fun, original story. The characters were so much fun, especially Allotta. Mark works in an office by day, but he moonlights as drag persona, Allotta. There’s Connor – he and Mark have an awkward friendship, (they work together, hooked up but didn’t work out). And then Joel, the new guy at work. Mark and Joel hit it off, but Mark is afraid to tell him about Allotta, mostly because past relationships had issues with this part of his life.
This is the first of series of novellas revolving around 1 night – the 2nd and 3rd stories are now available and can be read as standalones.
Overall, this was a fun read!

4 stars out of 5


Copy purchased for honest review


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