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Friends to lovers: Road Trip With Conrad by Candice Blake

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ELIJAH: You saved me and we quickly became friends…

Needing a change of scene from his life, twenty-five-year-old Elijah Collins dreams of living off the grid and traveling across the country. He leaves everything behind and embarks on the trip of a lifetime in a 1973 Volkswagen Westfalia. But halfway through his journey to Los Angeles, the van breaks down on a rural road in Nebraska. With nobody in sight, Elijah is stranded…until a handsome and strapping alpha gives him a hand.

CONRAD: I’ve been straight my whole life until you came along…

Thirty-five-year-old Conrad Westbrook lives a simple life on a farm where he runs his dad’s honey business. When he finds Elijah on the side of the road, Conrad welcomes the young traveler into his home until the van gets repaired. Wanting to return the favor, Elijah invites Conrad to join him on the road trip. Forced together in the small camper van, while exploring the breathtaking sites of western America, neither men know how to handle their growing attraction towards each other.

Our lives are worlds apart, but can we make it work?

Conrad finds it harder to resist his attraction to another man for the first time. While Elijah, who’s so focused on the destination, doesn’t realize that the man he’s sharing his journey with is all he needs. They started the road trip as nothing more than friends, but unexpectedly become much more. What happens at the end of the road when both men have to head their separate ways and return back to their own lives?


Friends to lovers can always be a rocky road. And it’s on a road trip that these 2 discover what opening that door can lead to.

The story has a great open feel to it. Elijah is half way across the country when he meets Conrad. After the kindness shown, Elijah invites Conrad to join him on the rest of his trip. What starts as an easygoing trip turns hot and heavy quickly. Each stop has the 2 men exploring more of each other till they get to the down and dirty.

The story jumps to an almost insta love genre, but with the story it just leads the 2 MC’s to realize that they are so much better together than apart.

The ending seems a little too easy. Things that seemed like big obstacles were suddenly resolved which lead to Elijah and Conrad being able to be together. All in all a sweet story.

3 of 5 stars


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