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Friends to Lovers: Baby Love by Harper Logan

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When Rafe arrives in Rosebridge, he has three goals: escape from the darkness of his past, make a stable home for his two-year-old daughter, and maybe explore his longstanding – and nerve-wracking – attraction to men. The 911 operator decides to check out the local gay bar to see how the whole thing works.

Marshall wants Rafe the moment he spots him at the bar. That is, he wants to set him up with a friend. He’s taking a year-long break from dating due to his habit of falling head-over-heels, and plans to play matchmaker instead – but Rafe pushes him to the brink of his willpower. And then the sexy stranger enrolls his daughter in the preschool where Marshall teaches.

Despite their growing friendship, Marshall’s determined to keep his vow not to date. Can he really set his crush up with someone else? Or will Rafe convince him they belong together?

(Baby Love is a is a 55,000-word steamy M/M friends-to-lovers romance with low angst, no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily ever after!)

The start of this book is a hoot! The scene where Marshall and Charly meet Rafe in the local bar had me laughing out loud. Follow that up with the next morning at the preschool and Harper Logan sets the tone for most of the story. The story moves on from there and Rafe shows that he is kind and mature and respectful of someone’s choices. Then all of the sudden, after an eye opening situation, he does a 180 and it’s all downhill from there.

Marshall is a character that has decided he is going to improve himself for himself, not anyone else. I love that although he starts this to put himself in a better place to find the right man and keep him, by the end of the story it truly is to make himself happy.

A few things in the story don’t sit right for me as a reader, or at least I wish there had been more said about it, but overall a sweet story.

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