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Force of Law Audiobook by Jez Morow Narrated by Joel Leslie

force of lawBlurb

When a Lamborghini Diablo car pulls into the quick oil change shop on Cleveland’s west side, Tom Russell immediately assumes this is his old lover, Wells, has come back to torment him. But it’s worse.

The driver is Wells’ arrogant, obscenely rich cousin Law Castille. He invites Tom on a little subtle revenge tip, accompanying Law as his guest to Wells’ wedding. But dance with the devil and there’s hell to pay. Tom thinks Law is toying with him, but Law’s visit to the poor side of a rustbelt town was never about revenge. It was never about cousin Wells at all. Law has come for Tom.



Tom used to date Law’s cousin until Law and their family (who control the  money) essentially frowned on the blue collar/white collar relationship and Wells (the ex) flew away to marry a woman.

Now Wells is getting married and for some reason Law wants to flaunt Tom in the face of both Wells and his family’s faces.

Tom isn’t beneath a little revenge and plus Law is HOT!

Afterward Law continues to shock the hell out of Tom … for a long time to follow.


If you haven’t read this book – go do it!  It is relatively short but SO HOT and yet full of surprising feels too…

I’ve read and re-read this often- it’s very good.

The author’s done some other work, but this – IMHO – is the best so far.


I FLIPPED OUT when I accidentally ran into this on audible – I couldn’t believe I’d missed it!  (Audible categorizes things really weird sometimes.)

Joel Leslie gives each character a unique voice and I love that!  He’s sometimes a bit melodramatic but not enough to bother me.

Since I loved the book so much and Joel is so much fun to listen to – I highly recommend this audio and book!

5 of 5 stars


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