4.5 stars Action/Adventure adult - 18+ Angst Level Audiobook Author Provided Book class difference Dystopian Established Couple Gay GFY/OFY Heat Index Hidden Lovers Homophobia Hopelessly Crying Hurt/Abuse Hurt/comfort m/m Magic Mild/low level heat Morgan Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Paranormal Part of a Series Speculative Fiction Witches/Warlocks/Wizards

Flux (Ennek Book 2) Audiobook by Kim Fielding Narrated by Joel Leslie


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Ennek, the son of Praesidium’s chief, has rescued Miner from a terrible fate: suspension in a dreamless frozen state called Stasis, the punishment for traitors. As the two men flee Praesidium by sea, their adventures are only beginning. Although they may be free from the tyranny of their homeland, new difficulties await them as Miner faces the continuing consequences of his slavery and Ennek struggles with controlling his newfound powers as a wizard. In this sequel to Stasis, the fugitives encounter challenges both human and magical as they explore new lands and their deepening relationship with each other.


Wow. Kim does not want to let these guys catch a break! Ok… That’s not true. She does. But she sure makes them work for it!

We left our guys escaping from Praesidium and poor Miner having to endure living on a boat while he’s terrified of water. Well, he sure overcomes that! As though it weren’t enough – all they’ve endured – in book two our poor MCs meet Pirates, evil slave masters and yet another evil magic user!

One thing that remains and, in fact, grows stronger, for these two – their love and respect for one another. That alone makes this an amazingly touching story to experience.


Thank goodness for the narrator change! Joel Leslie brings this series to life! From an interesting, but maybe not quite so magical story (with the narration of book one) to a fairy tale full of captivating and enthralling characters. As fits with the “fairy tale” style, Ennek and Miner are given sort of British accents that absolutely suit them. Throughout their visits they encounter various peoples and Joel gives them their own unique accents to really bring home the “travel” and “exotic” nature of this part of the series. I LOVED the accent he chose for the evil magic user near the end – Akilina – it suited her perfectly!

This is ABSOLUTELY the best way to experience this story as it really adds some color to Kim’s dark tale.

This is absolutely a must for fans of book one, and this is a series that must be read in order.
4.5 of 5 stars overall


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