4 stars adult - 18+ Angst Level Book Bullying Contemporary Families/Weddings Finding Family Gay Gay Heat Index Hurt/Abuse m/m Mary D Mid level angst Mid level steam/heat Military Monthly Theme Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Opposites attract Part of a Series Purchased Single Parent Standalone Teacher

Families: The Guy From Glamour by Skylar M Cates

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Anthony Carrino loves his big, gregarious Italian-American family, even if his sisters are interfering, and his dad, the local sheriff, knows everything going on in town. He’s happy as a middle school guidance counselor. Despite helping kids and their parents fix their problems, Anthony can’t manage to get his own love life right. If only everyone would stop calling him the “nice” guy.

Dean Pierce doesn’t do relationships. A tough-minded military man, he is dedicated to his job as a Night Stalker, flying Chinook helicopters and not speaking much to anybody. He certainly doesn’t want to deal with a mess of emotions. But when tragedy strikes, Dean finds his hands full with his troubled niece, her irresistible guidance counselor, and a meddlesome family, which includes a rather large puppy.

I love this kind of story where the big silent loner finds family and love. For a guy that doesn’t do relationships he now has to look after his teenage niece Nicki. His panic at being in this situation is palpable. Anthony is there for both of them. Although Anthony has just got out of a bad relationship and is not looking to get into another he is drawn to Dean. I liked the way both of them were conscious of Nicki’s feelings throughout the slow romance. There are a wonderful cast of secondary characters from the members of Anthony’s family who are loud and loving to friends of Anthony and Dean. This is a lovely family/ new single parent story. I especially like it is with a young teenager rather than a small child or a baby.
I don’t think I’ve listened to anything by Matt Baca before. I liked his voice. He gave Dean a nice rumbling sound although Anthony sounded a bit young. Anthony’s twin sisters Gina and Mia were performed quite well. There were times when it felt more like the story was being read to me rather than performed but overall he does a pretty good job.
A nice light family / opposites attract story I enjoyed listening to.

4 stars out of 5


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