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Enemies to Lovers: Wild City Life by Liv Rider

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Elliot Novak and Dominik Askov—heirs to the Leopard and Tiger packs—have been clashing for years. But when the Leopard pack is brutally attacked, it’s time to put their rivalry aside.

Elliot knows that taking Dominik with him to confront the threat might be the only way to ensure their alliance holds. But even in the middle of terrible danger, he’s not sure he can keep someone with Dominik’s keen senses from noticing the attraction he’s long hidden.

Dominik doesn’t mess around when the safety of his pack is at stake–even if it’s the first time he’s had a chance to spend time with the man he secretly admires. He’s determined to keep his long-concealed feelings for Elliot under wraps and his tiger’s instincts under control.

But when they embark on a journey to find the attackers, they forget the power of the rising moon. Under its influence, they might reveal everything their human selves would rather hide. Can they fight both the animal instincts pulling them together and the enemies bent on destroying them?


This was a nice story that gives us a different perspective on shifters and the world they live in.

Humans don’t factor into this story, it is strictly shifters trying to survive after the world has combusted. It is also about tigers and leopards instead of wolves or bears.

The tiger and leopards have pack lines that overlap and two shifters bump up against these as they grow up. Both are intrigued by the other, yet keep their distance. When one pack is brutally attached Elliot and Dominik must work together to find out who and why.

I liked that the roles were somewhat reversed as the bigger of the two was actually the more passive. The pull of the moon just brought out what wasn’t wanted to be acknowledged. I also liked how even after the hot sex scene it took a while for everything to settle into place.

The author did a nice job of creating a different world and didn’t settle for an easy predictable ending.

Rating 4 of 5 stars


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