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Enemies to Lovers: The Easy Way by May Archer

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Camden Seaver had it easy – a loving family, plenty of money, and the freedom to follow his dreams while his older brother, Sebastian, took charge of the family business. But when a tragic plane crash killed his parents, all the responsibilities he never wanted landed firmly on his shoulders. Now saddled with his crazy, grief-stricken brother and his dad’s multimillion dollar company, Cam doesn’t trust in dreams anymore. He’s forgotten what “easy” feels like.

FBI Agent Kendrick “Cort” Cortland learned the hard way that he couldn’t depend on anyone but himself. Before joining the FBI, the one constant in his life was his foster brother, Damon – and then Damon disappeared. Now, Cort is determined to find his brother and to bring down the man responsible for ruining Damon’s life, Sebastian Seaver. He’s got nothing left to lose.

When Cort’s investigation leads him to Seaver Tech…and Camden Seaver…what started as a quest for revenge and a one-night deception quickly turns into far more than either man bargained for. But how can either man trust in something that seems so easy? As long-held secrets are revealed, the attraction between Cam and Cort becomes combustible – an undeniable love that will either make or destroy them. Will Cam and Cort let their conflicting loyalties drive them apart? Or will they decide that sometimes love is the easy way?

An enemies to lovers story with a mystery thrown in.

When you know your brother is one of the best at his job, you just can’t believe that it was pilot error that caused the crash and death of everyone on board the plane. Cort is willing to risk his job to clear his brother’s name.

Cam is just trying to survive the day to day existence of running a multimillion dollar company. Showing up when required and covering for his brother who has checked out.

I love how well Cam and Cort interact the first night they meet. All of the woulda, shoulda, coulda going on in their heads while physically they just seem to click with each other. The back and forth keeps you turning the page. With each piece of information revealed the 2 back away from each other and then work back together. I could see where the secondary characters were coming from in the trust issues and I liked how the 2 MC’s didn’t back away from each other. The secondary hero was a surprise and I look forward to seeing his story.

A good read that will have me looking for the next book in the series

4.5 stars of 5 



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