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Elemental Ride by Mel Eight

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Rawley isn’t the type to crush hard and fast on anyone, but he’s somehow helpless when it comes to the new mailman. Even his bikes and his job as enforcer for a local motorcycle gang, the center of his world, don’t compare to his interest in Reign. Unfortunately, Reign doesn’t seem to be as interested—but secrets and magic have a way of turning everything upside down.






This was not what I was expecting! It is utterly unique and to that extent, Kudos!

Without “spoiling” this for you, Reign isn’t human – and what he “is” is absolutely unique. It’s a little disconcerting and even Rawley isn’t sure what to do with him or if he wants to be involved with him.

This is paranormal in other ways, Rawley lives in a new world where “sprites” live under the skin of humans and give them powers. There is very little world “building” or explanation as to what that means or how that works, but there are a few demonstrations of the powers and it looks cool! It’s definitely a new twist to the magic theme and pretty interesting.

Unfortunately, more time is spent on Rawley and his MC’s problems with the mayor than anything else and there is very little time spent on the romance between him and Reign. In fact, we never see them together til the end and even that is a little odd.

If this is a set up for a serial, things make sense, this would be the first part where we meet the players. If this is a book all by itself? Well. It fails. There’s not a satisfying ending to either the trouble with the mayor or the romance. So… I have to assume this is a first book of several?

The other books in this series by Less Than Three Press “Roughhouse Raiders” are all done by different authors and deal with different MCs and do not use the same “world” so I don’t think reading them will give more information/storyline to this particular piece. (I read Hellbeasts and it had nothing to do with this, nor do the blurbs sound similar.)

So… for this, as is, I’d say read it for the curious and the unique take on magic the author provides, but set your expectations low as far as completeness or romance.

2.5 of 5 stars


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